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  • Airmech for linux

    Airmech is looking to support linux if enough people are interested.

    So, we've had the ability to build and run Linux builds for a while now, but distributing a Linux build is a nightmare due to the fragmentation of the OS.

    As a method of gauging how many people *could* run a build if we pursue Linux as a platform, I've compiled a build for people to test.

    A couple notes:
    - I will not be providing detailed support for running the build. If you meet the requirements below, and it doesn't start, upload your ldd output for the build. If it crashes on startup upload a gdb backtrace.
    - This is compiled on Ubuntu 14.10 with glibc version 2.19-10ubuntu12. If you're not on the same os/glibc version, you probably can't run it
    - The build definitely will NOT run in a virtual environment (VirtualBox, VMWare, etc)
    - There is NO support for open source graphics drives (Mesa, If you're not willing to install the Linux drivers from your card manufacturer, don't bother running the game.
    - This is a 64bit build. No 32bit support.
    - This game is incompatible with PC with regards to multiplayer. Think of it in the same manner as NaCl.
    - This is not a fully tested build. It's more of a pre-Canary status build. There are likely broken gameplay/menus. This is about runability/framerate, not for reporting non-linux specific bugs.
    - No patch support

    If it does work, report back here. We'll use this to judge interest in Linux as a platform as a whole. It needs to make sense for us to pursue this as something more than a one-off weekend hobby of mine if we want to officially support it as a Carbon product.
    If you have played the game or want to try it visit:

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    An RTS game, with DX8-level graphics, that has been ported to a browser, requires both GL 4 and glibc 2.19?


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      I would LOVE to play this in Linux!

      I've never played Airmech, but I _loved_ Herzog Zwei for the Sega Genesis (Megadrive for you Europeans). Airmech is very much inspired by Herzog Zwei (which was possibly the first RTS).


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        New build using steam-runtime: