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    According to id Software, this threaded renderer will shine on systems with more than two cores, so really just quad-core and octal-core systems (for now).
    You misunderstood what the guy from Id was saying. The threaded renderer does give a performance increase on dual core systems but it was expected to give a greater increase on 4+ cores. This is shown in the results of numerous benchmarks of the window$ 1.2 client and in my own benchmarks of the 1.4 Linux client. If you have a dual core system and you aren't seeing a noticeable improvement then you weren't CPU limited to begin with. That's why people with high end c2d and c2q systems aren't seeing much of an increase.
    So far I've only tested at the settings I play at. I'll do some low res totally CPU limited tests but for now here are my results:
    Opteron 165 @ 2727mhz
    2gb DDR550 3-4-4-8 1t
    8800GT core 700mhz memory 2000mhz 512mb
    Ubuntu 7.10 x86-64 2.6.22-14-rt kernel
    Nvidia 169.07 drivers
    "checkpoint 1.4" demo 1600x1200 all in-game settings set to maximum 16xaf 2xaa
    threaded renderer '2'
    51.3 fps
    threaded renderer '0'
    42.7 fps
    It might not seem like much of an increase but it improved FPS where it really counted. With the threaded renderer enabled I never see under 30fps and it drops to 30 less often.


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      Hmm I did a timenetdemo and got:

      etqw.x86 : 76fps
      etqw-rthread.x86: 76fps r_usethreadedrenderer = 0
      etqw-rthread.x86: 70fps r_usethreadedrenderer = 1
      etqw-rthread.x86: 78fps r_usethreadedrenderer = 2

      patched SDL lib was loaded.

      Gfx card is 7800GTX (169.09 drivers), cpu is C2D @ 3.1ghz, OS is Gentoo 2.6.24 kernel (32bit).

      GPU bottleneck?
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        I am on ubuntu gutsy, and am not sure how to aquire this patched sdl...


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          ooopps now I see the patch in my quake wars directory.. but will this be to much trouble on old binary packaged ubuntu ?


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            Originally posted by oneman View Post
            ooopps now I see the patch in my quake wars directory.. but will this be to much trouble on old binary packaged ubuntu ?
            the patch is shipped to comply with the L/GPL and for those that want to use their system libSDL (gentoo-ers). The QuakeWars runtime also ships with a libSDL file (in the games working directory). IF you run via the bash script for etqw-rthread (not the etqw-rthread.x86 binary) it will load the patched libSDL from the games working directory

            so in short you don't have todo anything magic, just use the right launcher


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              How do you guys measure the FPS in game? I couldn't find it in the settings.

              (that said, why would you even need more than 25 fps?)


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                Naib: thanks very much for that info I did not realize that.

                However I am still confused on weather or not to set it to 1 or 2. I am playing with vsync on of course


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                  Excellent info!