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PlaneShift 0.6.3 Open-Source MMORPG Released

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    OMG SIGH, ok kkk Planeshift kicks ass in a nutshell you fucktard, grow the hell up , stop being a little kid that has to have a game with ULTRA COOL GRAPHICS DUDE! wtf?? first off have you set off the graphics on ultra high? and Antialising and all that?? looks freakin amazing! looks like a 2008 Mmmorpg wtf u talkin about? Its not a a standard Mmorpg doofus, its in another catagory, wait for it , wait for it !!!!........... Its a ROLEPLAYING game bich! Stop bashing games you dont obviously know about douchtard! Tired of people bashing games they havnt even given a 1/2 a chance, gah im done , go play your Precious World of Warcraft, the movie sucked ass too btw lol * shoots the bird*


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      ahahahahahahah, hopefully the bird you just shot is a cuckoo called Trendle.


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        Dear all,

        Let me try to set a few things straight about PlaneShift.

        * There is no such thing as a final release date. PlaneShift is still in development, and probably always will be. This means that the game will keep growing and improving. Right now, the game is being moved to Unreal Engine - certainly the most important step ever in the development of the game.
        * PlaneShift is not just F2P, but FFP - FULLY free to play. There are no hidden fees whatsoever, there is no way anybody can gain in-game advantages for real money.
        This is because the game is run and developed by a small but enthousiastic community.
        * Because we are small and without requesting money, we are limited in what we can do, and since we LOVE to truely RP, content is more important than graphics. See PlaneShift as a stage for RP. Maybe you would prefer if the curtains were green instead of blue, but does this really matter?

        So if you want great graphics, go to WoW, or GW, or wherever else where they will gladly take your money.
        If you want to RP, come to us. All that matters in PlaneShift is how you (role-)play the game.

        And the best things in life are always free.