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gaming performance in virtualized MSWindows OS?

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    Qemu has also an OpenGL beta transferer. It uses a custom Qemu and custom guest libs (available as a .dll for windoze) that catch openGL-commands and deliver them to the host..


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      All of this is good news!!!

      I can't wait!1


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        What is all the noise about . AFAIK, none support any hardware graphics accel out of box. Even if they do, I guess it will be limited to opengl. What I am in fact left wondering is that is the OS architecture so different that vmware and parallels have hardware accel for osx but not linux/windows. (Of course I know its about the direction of wind .) What is worst, afaik vmware which claims that its the leader of virtualization doesn't even support a relatively simple feature of proper power management in linux, i.e., dealing with the host clock speeding up and down.

        And even if they do support, I guess one would still find it better to boot in windows and play a heavy game, rather than kill their cpu. Meanwhile, windows has just one and only one purpose on my machine - gaming.


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          I'm considering setting up a Wintendo machine as well. Looks like the only thing it is actually useful for. And it is not due to inferior alternatives, but to a number of other factors (check the most recent sound discussion in one of the X-Fi threads), besides vendor support.