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How many games do you own?

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  • How many games do you own?

    Doesn't matter the platform or the age, just as long as it's a legitimately owned video game currently in your collection, and feel free to count expansion content as an individual product.

    A recent count reveals my own library of games to contain 438 games.

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    Heh... Letsee... Not QUITE as good as yours... Only a piddling 250 for myself. But then, I get to work on them, that's gotta count for something, right? >:-)


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      i don't play too much. maybe 30-40. half of which are ps2 games.


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        2. UT99 and UT2004.


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          I don't have a exact count since I got games in several boxes around here. But I'm guessing I have probably 100-150 or so. Alot of which were big hits on Windows/Dos at one point or another in the past 15 years.


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            Originally posted by Malikith View Post
            I don't have a exact count
            Same here. Maybe about 50-60 momentarily. Used to be many more, since it has been a long time now that I play games. But I have them stuffed away, some got stolen already or I gave 'em away.

            Fact is, its not even a hand full anymore I have installed on my boxes and only one Linux game (Eschalon: Book I). I'm not much of a gamer anymore. They lost most of their attraction they once had to me and I don't enjoy playing game anymore like I did years back.


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              I'll have to do a full recount, but last time I checked I had around 250-300. About 30 are console games for the Game Cube, PS2 and Wii.