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GNU Folks Still Working On Their "FreeDink" Game

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  • GNU Folks Still Working On Their "FreeDink" Game

    Phoronix: GNU Folks Still Working On Their "FreeDink" Game

    GNU FreeDink is still going on as an GPL-licensed portable and improved upon version of the Dink Smallwood game engine...

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    Thanks for the heads up. I had wanted to try this a long time ago but the port wasn't in great shape at the time (I couldn't get it to work). It seems to be pretty stable and mature now.


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      I'm torn here. FreeDink is GNU. But Zelda Classic is so much better. Zelda Classic's open sourceness is, well disputed, I guess you could say. Some team members say it is, some say it is not. I suppose that means it is not. But as long as I can download and compile the source code, I'm counting it as open source.


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        This game is awesome. I played it when I was a kid and I actually added it to a wiki page for ubuntu a few years ago to give it some more exposure.(that screenshot was made by me!)

        I honestly think it is the best roleplaying game that is freely availabe for Linux and am still surprised that it appears to be relatively unknown. Compared to other games it has a unique sense of humor and the main character actually has a personality and speaks. I like that better than silent characters like in e.g. Chrono Trigger.(another example of this: Gothic vs Elder Scrolls)

        Some tips if you want to try it:
        - You can copy the sound files from the original game and have the exact same experience.
        - There are a lot of easily installable mods available. I recommend "Cast Awakening Part 1: Initiation" and "Cloud Castle 2: Scarab".


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          I tried playing this a couple of times over the years, starting with the original game and later the GNU version, but always I bumped away from it. Either the interface or the story or the gameplay, it's just not a game for me. AFAIR I never got further than the entrance of the castle in the beginning.


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            Ah, FreeDink. Played the crap out of it and I found it to be pretty damn a year or two ago (but then I like old school RPGs), glad to see it is still progressing.