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  • New Action/RPG game in development...

    I am part of a team (ZOMGame Studios) working on a new Diablo-esque game. The game will be a lot like Diablo but with a completely revamped combat system (more like the game Rune by Loki Software).

    The game is currently in the planning stage, and we are looking for some community input as to what you would like to see in the game. To this end we have a wiki ( and a forum ( Questions and comments are more than welcome. Hope to see you there!

    Robert Hollencamp

    P.S. I had posted this to a different thread but it seems to have gotten lost in the ether...if it turns up sorry for cross-posting.

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    I've made several posts on your forum about the game development. Lots of what I posted about can also be found on this forum in the following thread:

    Basically it centers around reuse in open source games, in a similar way to how Neverwinter Nights allowed people to build their own gaming world with the pieces provided in the game. I know you aren't planning on developming an MMO or RPG, but the idea can still be applied in some way I'm sure.