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OpenRA: Release 20140722

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  • OpenRA: Release 20140722

    A new "stable" version of OpenRA has just been released.

    This new version (20140722) includes 619 commits by 27 contributors.
    The feature list remains the same as for July playtests, but this release benefits from additional testing and bugfixes.

    The main new features are:
    • The RA and TD game music can now be downloaded and installed from the in-game music player.
    • Capturing enemy structures in RA and TD will now let you build units from their faction.
    • The maximum tech level can be configured in the lobby options.

    Other notable improvements include:
    • Fixed a number of crashes that were introduced in the last release.
    • Fixed issues that occurred when installing from CD.
    • Improved performance and memory usage.
    • Improved scroll-panel behaviour.
    • Added an option to lock the mouse cursor inside the game window.
    • Multiple players can now repair a building at an accelerated rate.
    • Added engine support for diamond-shaped (?isometric?) terrain (an important milestone for our TS mod).

    As usual, the full list of changes compared with the June release is available on our wiki:

    Capturing enemy structures in TD and RA will now allow you to produce their units.

    OpenRA can now download the game music for RA and TD.

    Tech levels can be configured in the lobby options for all mods.

    Development is progressing well on the Tiberian Sun mod, but it is still several months away from a release.