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Will UT3 For Linux Be Released This Year?

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  • While I don't find it ridiculous having to wait for a Linux port (as long as it is a good port), what I do find ridiculous is the complete lack of communication in regards to the status.

    Personally, if someone wants my money for me to pay for their product, they better not treat me like dog feces. Sorry if that offends anyone here, but if all you do is beg for scraps then that is all you will ever get...

    I think it is fairly obvious which companies are "dedicated" to Linux and "alternative" operating systems.

    Just look at iD Software - they released the Linux version of ETQW not only in a relatively short timeframe, but without the "troublesome 3rd party component". Which if you ever did any research on that title, you'd notice that this is a positive result for endusers and negative result for iD; because it is the in-game adverts. Yet iD still was willing (and did) release the game anyway. Go figure.

    I won't even get into who opensources their tech/software, or ask you to imagine what it would be like if the original UT was opensourced.


    • Sucks that id didnt release the ETQW SDK for linux, nonetheless.


      • Originally posted by xav1r View Post
        Sucks that id didnt release the ETQW SDK for linux, nonetheless.
        I didn't know that, but that doesn't surprise me (the Doom 3 SDK supposedly existed for Mac, but it was really the Linux SDK, then it was pulled, and remained nowhere to be found last I checked which was ages ago).


        • Yea, something about the SDK being based on MFC foundations or something like that. Apparently they think people only play the games in linux, and not mod them.


          • Don't discount anything Ryan Gordan says...

            To get back on topic, Ryan said it's something stupid and that he's working on it. Here's why you should believe him.

            I'm nobody. I'm quite sure none of you here has ever heard of me. I've helped a few people with security and gaming on a few linux forums, but I'm still nobody.

            When I, a complete nobody, was building a PC specifically to be for linux gaming, I sent Ryan Gordan an e-mail. I asked him which linux distro he used for games, did he build a custom kernel, and a few other related questions. I had no idea if he would even read it, as he was THE LINUX GAMER, and I was nobody. His e-mail response (next day) answered all of my questions. He used to use Slackware with a custom kernel, but he had switched to Gentoo.

            Ryan is cool. Ryan is down-to-earth. I think Ryan can be trusted. :-) I think if Ryan could answer our questions legally, he would. I also think if he can come up with a way for us (and himself) to legally install and play this game, he will. Will it be this year, who knows.

            If games companies want to be stupid and only support has-been operating systems, they do have this right. Take pity on them or laugh at them, but please do not let it get you down. Fully open sourced gaming is coming. Does anybody remember the Industrial Revolution? Economic factors are Unstoppable! (In sexy female voice)

            During dark times for linux gaming, such as these, I buy older games from the sale rack, that I know can work in Wine. I've been playing Prey, for instance, which does go down as a sale of a Windows game, but after noone is paying attention to it anymore. It's Doom 3 engine is up to date, graphics and sound excellent, it satisfies my inner-gamer. Yesterday, I grabbed The Hitman Trilogy, Blood Money, Silent Assassin, and Contracts, which was $29.99 and which I've seen listed as working in WineDB.

            For UT3, I do wait anxiously, but UT 2004 still runs great, and I already have a collection of downloaded maps and friends who WILL NOT run XP or Vista to play it with. :-)

            I'll be waiting this out,



            • BrianS:

              Welcome to the forums.

              I don't believe anyone here is trying to discount the work of Ryan or saying that he's trying to screw the Linux community. Ryan is doing a great job and most (if not all) people realize it's now stuck in Epic's legal department and out of Ryan's hands.

              This sort of reminds me back to the (good) days of America's Army on Linux and then the whole waiting period to find out information... At least this time we know it's to do with legal and not the company lacking interest in a Linux port and stops paying the developer, like what happened with AA.
              Michael Larabel


              • I wonder if this could this be the reason why ut3 is held up. Could it be that it will be available only via steam?



                • Nope because Steam only sells the games...
                  It ain't Steam exclusive you can buy the game for no-steam in normal shops


                  • Think about it though, Steam was looking for linux devs, what better way of introducing steam for linux then to debut probably the most anticipated linux game this year with it? It just maybe that UT3 for linux becomes a steam exclusive.


                    • Originally posted by deanjo View Post
                      I wonder if this could this be the reason why ut3 is held up. Could it be that it will be available only via steam?

                      Hmm, interesting. I don't see how that could have held the release of the Linux client. I mean, Steam only officially supports Windows, why would Epic need to make changes to its Linux client?
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