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Two Months & Counting, LGP Remains Offline

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  • Two Months & Counting, LGP Remains Offline

    Phoronix: Two Months & Counting, LGP Remains Offline

    At the end of April LGP was migrating servers and expected to "keep downtime to an absolute minimum" while more than two months later the once leading Linux game publishing company remains offline...

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    I remember Demonoid.

    And after too many months they come back online.

    So, hope is the last thing one should lose.


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      They were never leading but only converting some old windows games.


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        Come on Michael,

        change the way you report, this is so annoying. You should surely report if they're ever getting anything up again, but these countless they're dead/they're still dead/after beeing dead they're now dead/unlike before...err no they're dead,etc. don't have any informational value. Please stop this.


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          Who the hell cares?


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            Too many...


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              Originally posted by mike4 View Post
              They were never leading but only converting some old windows games.

              Really? I was a Linux gamer before Steam, Desura, HIB, and I know exactly which companies published games for Linux. I just want to point out that LGP was the leading company in the two cases. Firstly, I had not seen any active company who published more games to Linux than LGP since 2002 to 2010. Secondly, they tried to publish different genre of games, and that was important because many companies were focused only on strategy games e.g. Sillysoft Games, Illwinter Game Design, or FPS e.g. Id software, Epic games.

              I can understand that Windows users, and also some Linux users do not care about other platforms and operating systems:

              Creatures: Internet Edition - 2001 (LGP), 2001 (Windows), 2009 (Mac)
              MindRover: The Europa Project - 2002 (LGP), 2001 (Linux - Loki), 2000 (Windows), 2003 (Mac)
              Candy Cruncher - 2003 (LGP - x86, PowerPC, Sparc), 2002 (Linux x86), 2001 (Windows), 2002 (Mac), 2002 (PalmOS), 2002 (Zaurus)
              Majesty: Gold Edition - 2003 (LGP - x86, PowerPC), 2002 (Windows), Only standard edition - 2000 (Mac) Android (2011) iOS (2011) Windows Phone 7 (2012)
              NingPo MahJong - 2004 (LGP - x86, PowerPC), 2003 (Linux x86), 2002 (Windows), 2003 (Mac)
              Hyperspace Delivery Boy! - 2004 (LGP), 2001 (Windows), not available (Mac), 2001 (Windows Mobile)
              Software Tycoon - 2005 (LGP), 2001 (Windows), 2002 (Mac), 2002 (MorphOS)
              Postal?: Share The Pain - 2005 (LGP), 2003 (Windows), 2004 (Mac)
              Soul Ride - 2005 (LGP - x86, PowerPC, Sparc, Alpha), 2000 (Windows), not available (Mac)
              X?: The Threat - 2006 (LGP), 2003 (Windows), 2004 (Mac)
              Gorky 17 - 2006 (LGP - x86, PowerPC ), 1999 (Windows), 2002 (Mac)
              Cold War - 2006 (LGP), 2005 (Windows), 2006 (Mac), 2005 (Xbox)
              Knights and Merchants - 2007 (LGP), 1998 (Windows), 2001 (Mac), 2003 (MorphOS)
              Ballistics - 2007 (LGP), 2001 (Windows), not available (Mac)
              X?: Reunion - 2008 (LGP), 2005 (Windows), 2007 (Mac - Cider), 2010 (Mac - native)
              Jets'n'Guns - 2009 (LGP), 2004 (Windows), 2006 (Mac)
              Sacred Gold - 2009 (LGP), 2005 (Windows), not available (Mac)
              Shadowgrounds - 2009 (LGP), 2005 (Windows), 2011 (Mac)
              Shadowgrounds - 2009 (LGP), 2007 (Windows), 2011 (Mac)


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                First of all: I have a lot of LGP games, that I need to (re)install.
                Now is a good time to see if anything happened to LGP if they would keep their word:
                Michael Simms shared "If LGP dies, the last thing I will do, and all of my [development team] are authorized to do the same if for some reason I am unable, will be the creation of patches to remove the key system."
                To be clear: I don't want anything to happen to LGP. Or if something happens, I hope they get swallowed by valve.