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Civilization V Is Now Available For Linux, SteamOS

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    Originally posted by Daktyl198 View Post
    I'm running Manjaro (Unstable, so almost exactly the Arch Stable repo), but I don't play Steam much so this hasn't really affected me before...

    Your suggestion worked! Though, I also had to rename (or something like that). Now it runs! And I can continue that game I was forced to start on Windows

    EDIT: Holy crap, The font rendering on the menus basically does NOT exist. The text is just random box-like structures, that don't resemble text in the slightest. This is going to make getting to my games hard... and I hope to god it's not like that in-game Q__Q
    Have you looked at this?
    Also, I remember something about some games needing the Windows Ariel font...

    On Civ5: I primarily bought it to support Linux gaming, as I didn't think I'd have the patience for these kind of games, but damn, my last play was 8 hours straight!
    It is really fun, and now I understand why people says it is addictive! Glad we have it on our platform now


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      Originally posted by carewolf View Post
      Yes, the startup is extremely slow (also it started in 1024x768 on first launch, I hadn't seen a 4x3 games in a long time). The slow startup is the same with Paradox games (and I don't mean Paradox' usual slowness in starting up, I mean 10 minutes to launch CK2). I wonder what kind of things the games are doing on Linux at startup.
      Actually startup in Linux version of Civ5 is faster than on Windows for me. It's just always was really really slow.