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UT3 linux server/client update

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    Wait a second... GameSpy also happens to manage the ingame multiplayer section of the NWN client, which means that the game has to include some form of client-side GameSpy software in it, doesn't it?


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      Gamespy handles a bunch of different networking trackers. They also happen to provide their own libraries for handling that sort of thing- and recommend that you use their stuff. Now, having said this, I've talked with that bunch before and they're really not interested (or rather...weren't at the time in 2004 when I talked with them...) in working with Linux publishers. "No market, nor will there likely ever be one," was the the line I was given by one of the higher-ups at GDC 2004 when I talked with them.

      With attitudes like that, I wouldn't put it past 'em to be problematic with the licensing of something going to the Linux side of things.

      But, then again, I could be wrong. It's just that the odds of it being something networking related is higher as it's a problem in the server AND the client code.


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        i never understand the fact that most of the online games played out there have dedicated Linux servers but the companies don't want to support or even develop a Linux client. it is just ridiculous