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RBDOOM-3-BFG Now Has Fast Soft Shadow Mapping

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  • RBDOOM-3-BFG Now Has Fast Soft Shadow Mapping

    Phoronix: RBDOOM-3-BFG Now Has Fast Soft Shadow Mapping

    While ioDoom3 is still dormant with not much activity and not nearly as much interest as ioquake3 has been over the years, RBDOOM3 and in particular RBDOOM-3-BFG is seeing a lot of new work. The latest addition to this fork of the open-source Doom 3 code-base is adding support for fast soft shadow mapping to improve the visual richness of the engine...

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    I'd love to see this ported to darkmod.


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      This is great, it's looking really good! I'm using this port on Linux and it runs like a train.
      Just a couple of weeks ago Robert also added support for playing video disks using the FFMPEG libs. This part has been missing for quite some time but now we have a fully playable and improved BFG edition on Linux

      Thank you mister Robert!


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        Looks nice.

        Does it also have water reflection and/or refraction and soft particles?


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          What OpenGL version is this feature? I'm running a 6870 (r600) with the Radeon driver, am I good to go?

          As an aside, I'm surprised ID games aren't in the Steam library yet seeing as they mostly have Linux ports.


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            - Implemented soft shadows using PCF hardware shadow mapping

            The implementation uses sampler2DArrayShadow and PCF which usually
            requires Direct3D 10.1 however it is in the OpenGL 3.2 core so it should
            be widely supported.
            All 3 light types are supported which means parallel lights (sun) use
            scene independent cascaded shadow mapping.
            The implementation is very fast with single taps (400 fps average per
            scene on a GTX 660 ti OC) however I defaulted it to 16 taps so the shadows look
            really good which should you give stable 100 fps on todays hardware.

            The shadow filtering algorithm is based on Carmack's research which was
            released in the original Doom 3 GPL release draw_exp.cpp.

            - Changed light interaction shaders to use Half-Lambert lighting like in Half-Life 2 to
            make the game less dark.

            r_useShadowMapping 1 - Use soft shadow mapping instead of hard stencil shadows

            More screenshots:

            This is not an official id / bethesda port of the game so I'm not surprised it's not in Steam.


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              Does it run on Wayland?

              I wonder if RBDOOM runs on wayland.


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                There's a 'set r_waylandcompat "0"' in my D3BFGConfig.cfg so I assume it's a yes.


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                  I might finally be able to play this, compiling didn't work last time I tried.


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                    SDL 2

                    I think its because the RBDOOM relys on SDL for windowing system.