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Steam's In-Home Streaming Now For Everyone, Other Improvements

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    Originally posted by Zeroedout View Post
    That is correct, they removed this feature for Linux. IIRC due to poor(er) performance on Linux. They then rewrote the streaming back end but didn't release Linux support. IMHO they probably were focusing on the Windows back end performing well (which I've heard it does) and taking their time with the Linux one. I have a GeForce GT 430 and it wasn't using hardware acceleration (it ran very poorly on my core 2, 2.4GHz which is to be expected)... AFAIK hardware accelerated encoding should be possible... I know what I'm looking up today.

    at the time it worked ok for me linux -> linux. It didnt work well windows -> linux , but then who wants a windows box in their home

    its a bit selfish of valve to do this, my old intel GMA laptop was able to experience Metro Last Light from my Linux Mint Desktop over puny 54mbps 2.4g wireless with very little problems. But heres the potencial rub.. Windows -> Linux networking has always been poor, MS dont like it and its coded worse and glitchy on purpose im sure of it, where as Linux to windows is better..