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HL2-Based GoldenEye: Source Gets Open-Sourced

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    Not sure I intend to play it but awesome, I seriously don't understand why more mods aren't open source, or as a general principle for that matter why you would give away software totally for free as the full version but not give away the source to it. I can understand situations where there's an entry level free version, but with mods and freeware games and such.... why aren't you giving me access to the source? There's no downsides at all to doing so and plenty of upsides


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      I managed to install it with Steam under Wine (the first game I tried to play with Steam), the game starts correctly, the picture and sound are OK, but after a few minutes, the game crashes and stops ... it is unfortunate.

      This may be because I use the unstable radeonsi driver.

      Goldeneye was for me hours of playing in my childhood with my brother and my neighbor! It was probably my first FPS, I still play on emulator (mupen64plus) having configured the keys like Quake (AWSD + mouse) because I have almost no played on console since then, and it's funny, GE:S uses the same key that I choose to change weapon on mupen64plus: Q.

      17 years after Goldeneye 64, my FPS experience has been almost exclusively Quake 3, Unreal, Nexuiz / Xonotic, Tremulous / Unvanquished... It's good to return to Goldeneye with a PC gameplay.

      It is unfortunate to base an open source mod on an engine that is not...


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        Originally posted by Trevelyan View Post
        I loved GoldenEye on the N64, but Perfect Dark was perfection. I am glad the GoldenEye lives on, but I really wish the PD source mod got a similar injection of life:

        PD was doomed by Microsoft buying Rare, and a lot of their developers leaving to form Free Radical Designs. Whose game TimeSplitters shares a lot of the feel of GoldenEye/PD engine; even if it's a new code base.
        I've spent so much time on Perfect Dark and Time Splitters 2/3... Awesome games. I still play Time splitters from time to time (especially for split screen multiplayer when connoisseurs come by). The N64 graphics are a bit too ugly for me today, though.


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          For those who want to try GE:S with wine, PlayOnLinux has a preset for Steam, but installs Steam with an old wine version (1.5.25). So you can install Steam with the preset (both Steam and Source SDK 2007 will run fine but not the GE:S mod which crashes), then you install the latest wine (I get the 1.7.16) for this prefix and GE:S will be running.

          • Install PlayOnLinux,
          • Install Steam with the Steam preset,
          • Update wine for the Steam profile (from PoL prefix configuration),
          • Optionnaly install the ?Source SDK Base 2007? (from Steam/tools),
          • Launch the GE:S installer from the Steam prefix (launch a wine command terminal fom PoL prefix configuration, then type ?explorer?, then navigate? - the wine command terminal don?t have autocompletion, it's painfull),
          • When running GE:S for the first time, Steam will download and install the SDK if it was not already installed.

          You can force graphical settings editing GE:S command line from Steam (right click on the game name) if the preset does not allow you to launch the game properly before configuring that, for example:

          -dxlevel 91 -fullscreen -width 1920 -height 1080
          Disallowing the Steam overlay could be a good idea.
          You can try -dxlevel 80 if your computer is a bit slow.
          You can try -dev to add a devlopper console.

          You can launch GE:S from Steam or you can create a cmd file with this command (Steam will be launched silently in the background):

          "C:\Program Files\Steam\steam.exe" -applaunch 218 -game "C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\sourcemods\gesource\"
          Launching the SDK alone gives a benchmark, I noticed that if I install a native d3d9 component, I get some shader effect in this benchmark. Perhaps it helps GE:S too.

          I hop GE:S will be available soon on GNU/Linux, but strangely, installing the ?Source SDK Base 2007? with the Linux Steam binary on SteamOS installs the windows version of the SDK?


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            I forget to say that libldap (i386) must be installed (why? ), unless that, the mod will not launch and wine will complain:

            err:module:load_builtin_dll failed to load .so lib for builtin L"WLDAP32.dll": cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
            err:module:import_dll Loading library WLDAP32.dll (which is needed by L"C:\\program files\\steam\\steamapps\\sourcemods\\gesource\\bin\\client.dll") failed (error c000007a).
            This is not a wine requirement neither a PlayOnLinux requirement, wine can run without that, but some Steam apps can?t. You can install ?libldap-2.4-2:i386? on Debian.


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              Originally posted by illwieckz View Post
              I forget to say that libldap (i386) must be installed (why? )
              Read the error message you showed, it clearly shows that the client.dll of the application needs WLDAP32.dll. Now guess what's the easiest way to translate this Windows library to Linux. It might be by wrapping it to


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                Sorry, you don?t understand the meaning of my question , I could write:

                I forget to say that WLDAP32.dll must be installed (why? )
                Why Goldeneye: Source is an LDAP client?

                I'm not a regular Steam user so I may be missing something, but neither Steam nor the Source Engine require wldap32.dll (the built in Source SDK benchmark runs with Steam without this library), GE:S needs wldap32.dll but neither Steam.exe nor hl2.exe need it.


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                  Originally posted by illwieckz View Post
                  Why Goldeneye: Source is an LDAP client?
                  Now this is a good question. My first guess was for some form of multiplayer or DRM, but I don't know the game. Your best bet would be to ask the developers. Anyway I cloned the git repo and searched for ldap/LDAP:
                  $ grep -r -e ldap -e LDAP
                  public/curl/curl.h:  CURLE_LDAP_CANNOT_BIND,        /* 38 */
                  public/curl/curl.h:  CURLE_LDAP_SEARCH_FAILED,      /* 39 */
                  public/curl/curl.h:  CURLE_LDAP_INVALID_URL,        /* 62 - Invalid LDAP URL */
                  public/curl/curl.h:#define CURLPROTO_LDAP   (1<<7)
                  public/curl/curl.h:#define CURLPROTO_LDAPS  (1<<8)
                  ?bereinstimmungen in Bin?rdatei lib/common/libcurl.lib.
                  ?bereinstimmungen in Bin?rdatei lib/common/linux32/libcurlssl.a.
                  ?bereinstimmungen in Bin?rdatei lib/common/linux32/libcurl.a.
                  ?bereinstimmungen in Bin?rdatei lib/common/linux32/libcrypto.a.
                  ?bereinstimmungen in Bin?rdatei thirdparty/python26/pcbuild/pcbuild.sdf.
                  So it uses curl which depends on LDAP. Grepping the sources for curl gives a very large output but a quick overview showed it's used in files like ge_webrequest.cpp.