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Star Conflict Is Soon Landing On Linux

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  • Star Conflict Is Soon Landing On Linux

    Phoronix: Star Conflict Is Soon Landing On Linux

    The 2013 Star Conflict game will soon be appearing on Steam for Linux...

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    Star Conflict is not a simulator, it's an arcade'y multiplayer-only arena shooter. The only part that it shares with X is that it's set in space & has spaceships that shoot, other than that it's a totally different game & it won't appeal to fans of X.


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      Valid Question

      Should Developers who are "not much of a linux user" even be allowed to develop for Linux?. It's a valid question that boils down to things like support, knowing nothing about a platform limits your ability to fix bugs and do customer support.

      Quite frankly I think if you don't know anything about the OS you are developing for using some WYSIWYG tool, you shouldn't be developing for it at all. In the end it turns out badly for everyone.


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        That would kill about 95% of all Windows software.

        Wait a minute...