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    Well, the trustee and the court went with Gameforge instead of the Free Ryzom project. They were intent on keeping most of the employees, etc. It sounds, though, like the court never even really considered the proposal in the first place, based on some of the discussion over there.

    They DID, however, get 171k Euros pledged, on top of another 100k or so that was already in the pot for the project from two of the main players.


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      A thread on the Ryzom forums about the buyout:
      Michael Larabel


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        I'm a little out of the loop I guess, but who is Gameforge and what type of license will the game be released under? Will the game pretty much continue as is, but just owned by another company? I was really looking forward to this game become a new addition to the open-source games already out there (and many other people seemed to feel the same way), but from reading the thread linked above it seems the community is fine with the outcome for the most part. I guess that if all you are interested in is being able to continue playing your favorite game, then this outcome is a good one by all measures. I'll need to know more about who the Trustees chose before deciding for myself.