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Game Develop: Game creator software now for Ubuntu

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  • Game Develop: Game creator software now for Ubuntu

    Hi !

    I'm the author of Game Develop, a free game development software which is now available for Ubuntu (64 bits only for now). I've read in this article that there was some interest in game creation software for Linux so I made this thread to introduce Game Develop.
    The main goal of the software is to allow anyone to create HTML5 or native 2D games. All the game logic is created thanks to events so that no particular knowledge in programming is required.

    If you want to try GD, just download it on its official website:
    It's available for the latest version of Ubuntu 64 bits (but users have reported that it works on previous versions, but I do not provide "official" support for these versions or other distro).

    Developers can take a look at the sources of the official extensions on GitHub: and the HTML5 engine:
    The software is written in C++ and Javascript and mainly based on wxWidgets and SFML.

    Feel free to ask me for more information! Any feedback is welcome and if you have any idea on how to spread the word about Game Develop, just get in touch with me