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Experimental FPS Revenge Of The Cats: Ethernet being remade as an open source project

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  • Experimental FPS Revenge Of The Cats: Ethernet being remade as an open source project

    Link to the Indiegogo Campaign

    Originally posted by Michael Goldener
    I'm the author of a small home-made experimental freeware FPS game called Revenge Of The Cats: Ethernet (

    Despite being generally well received, ROTC never managed to attract a notable amount of players and is now pretty much dead.

    This can be blamed partly on the game's somewhat niche appeal and its steep learning curve. But to me, the game's main problem has always been that is uses a closed-source engine, which made it impossible for a developer community to form around the game, which doomed it to stagnation and its inevitable death.

    Interest in continuing development of the game exists both from me and other programmers,and since a more modern version of the engine used by the game has meanwhile gone open-source, resurrecting Revenge Of The Cats: Ethernet as a proper open-source project is now possible.

    All I need is about a month's time and some cash to make it happen.

    If funding succeeds, I will be able to go to work full-time on creating version 1.0 of the yet unnamed open-source version of Revenge Of The Cats: Ethernet, set up dedicated servers for the game and create an independent player database.
    Looks interesting. I'll drop it 25$ I suppose. I'll have to watch that video again, however, as there are a lot of new game mechanics that I am not used to in a first person shooter.

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    By the way, guys, he's remaking the game as an open source project, not simply open sourcing the current game you see in the video.