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Steam Dev Days Is This Coming Week

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    I think the talks will not be published, maybe a few of them but not all. They are discussing and showing sensible NDA stuff, upcoming games and engines (Source 2) etc.


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      From the FAQ:
      I missed a session, will they be archived?
      Yes, sessions will be recorded and available for your reference.
      That particular answer seems to of changed recently though; I recall it saying before that the major talks would be recorded and publicly available, but the smaller break out sessions would not be. I would imagine it would be in Valve's best interest to make all the main talks public, as there are plenty of devs out there who can't make it to the conference who could benefit from the information that will be provided there. The more people who know and embrace the info they are trying to get out there the quicker the adoption of Linux/SteamOS and their related technologies will be.


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        Originally posted by justmy2cents View Post
        "Optimizing Linux games for AMD Graphics using GPU PerfStudio2"

        no need for talk here... if one looks at their Linux driver. listening to any AMD advice containing Linux and performance optimization might be most fatal mistake one could ever make
        Hey, their docs are decent. Not quite Nvidia quality, but it's not bad advice by any means. It's pretty obvious the docs are done by different people than the blob driver, comparing their respective quality


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          Just found some relevant information on Kotaku:

          Originally posted by Kotaku
          Kotaku: Will [readers] have any way to see or hear what's going on at this event?

          Powers: The larger, formal presentations will be recorded and made available after the event. However, the smaller and more intimate breakout sessions will not be captured or replayed. One of the reasons we are encouraging everyone who can to attend is that we expect some of the most useful exchanges will be those happening developer to developer, publisher to publisher in the less formal, more spontaneous portions of the event.

          So anything that doesn't reveal any confidential information (ie. everything interesting to us) will be public.


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            Originally posted by Ancurio View Post
            Just found some relevant information on Kotaku...
            That was were I saw the thing about large talks being recorded but the smaller break out sessions being private. Thanks for pointing it out; I knew I saw it somewhere, just wasn't the FAQ.