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    Originally posted by Fenrin View Post
    forgot to add one stupid thing about PlaneShift.

    The current version absolutely requires proprietary graphic drivers. At least for AMD and Nvidia cards. Otherwise it crashs every few seconds.


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      There is also Xoreos. Haven't heard anything about that in a while, but really looking forward to that being far enough along that I can play the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic games natively.


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        Just came across an interesting site with a list of a ton of open source engine clones and thought some of you may find it useful:


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          Originally posted by Kostas View Post
          GemRB should(?) get more attention. If it really is "Nearly feature-complete" it could kill things like Baldurs Gate Enhanced Edition without much hassle.
          Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition's scope doesn't end with the engine. It also uses better quality assets, AFAIR. gemrb should be capable to play it at some point.
          About it being nearly feature complete, there are still some things to polish. Personally, I find it to be visually different (although that may have something to do with hardware blitting, I haven't tried software to double check, yet), and scrolling is certainly slower, although I think that's a matter of fine tuning, the engine itself (and that's according to the authors, too) could use some hardware acceleration. It's a great project, one I definitely think is worthy, but I don't think it's ready for prime time just yet.


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            Something that I really hate seeing in so many open-source games, especially RPGs, is when there is an inconsistency in art style. I'll admit that I have done this a lot, and I hate myself for it. It's why you need to have a team that can actually agree on a solid look. It's just so irksome looking at games and seeing people using pixel art sprites, but the interfaces are pixmaps or vector graphics with smooth edges and gradients, with true type fonts, that clash very strongly against the rest of the art in the game. It just feels out of place.

            It's why I've started sticking to just doing pixel art for my games, interface and all, and leaving all my painting to just being hobby work.


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              Planeshift vote here, too. It has a unique playstyle, and while I didn't give it a enough time to learn it all, just the mechanics alone did keep me interested. It is a interpersonal roleplayer (like Ryzom I think it was, true to the spirit of an MMO), not your usual action-RPG you'll find nowadays. It was certainly a good game for a community effort and when I was playing it the low-level graphics issues had been sorted and the place was looking pretty sweet. A few issues with the interface being a wee bit clunky, but eh. I believe all RPG's have those 'unique issues'. Features.


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                And while we're sharing links;


                It's a multi-engine supporting Daggerfall, Star Wars Dark Forces, LucasArts' Outlaws and Blood.


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                  Originally posted by martin21 View Post
                  I?d also mention PlaneShift[1]. While the content is not under a free software license, the client and server code is. And its quite evolved already. I enjoy playing it.

                  sadly there's a problem with distributing it, the license and the game itself.
                  There's no real docu how to build it and its different parts.


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                    Originally posted by Thaodan View Post
                    sadly there's a problem with distributing it, the license and the game itself.
                    There's no real docu how to build it and its different parts.
                    it has a compiling guide:
                    PlaneShift Compiling Guide

                    I tried once to compile it, but it didn't really work well, so I gave up.

                    The license is described in their wiki:
                    Players Guide/License


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                      While everyone is throwing out links to games and such I though I would pop in to mention a little game named Illarion at

                      It is not the most technologically advanced of the free and open source games available but it is constantly being developed on by the dev team.

                      They are always looking for more volunteers too if anyone actually likes the thought of getting involved in open source game development.

                      A list of most of the tools they use can also be found at and their source code is on Github too