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Unvanquished Begins Landing C++11 Engine Rewrite

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    Migrating GCC to C++ as implementation language:

    C++ is a standardized, well known, popular language.
    C++ is nearly a superset of C90 used in GCC.
    The C subset of C++ is just as efficient as C.
    C++ supports cleaner code in several significant cases.
    C++ makes it easier to write and enforce cleaner interfaces.
    C++ never requires uglier code.
    C++ is not a panacea but it is an improvement.


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      Originally posted by RMS
      C++ is a badly designed and ugly language. It would be a shame
      to use it in Emacs.

      The reason the GCC developers wanted to use it is for destructors
      and generics. These aren't much use in Emacs, which has GC and in
      which data types are handled at the Lisp level.


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        C++ is a badly designed language, but C++ avoids many pitfalls of C by being a bit stronger type, generics and STL, and given code styles it can lead to a bit verbose yet strict and nice code.