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Metro Last Light Now Available For Steam On Linux

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    Originally posted by monraaf View Post
    I already beat this for windows and I just downloaded it (well it auto-downloaded) and played it for a bit. It's as smooth as windows if not smoother. This is with an nvidia card with proprietary drivers, YMMV with "poopier" drivers.
    Yup. Should have no problems on nvidia. Here's the actual announcement regarding support.
    Nvidia owners should experience no problems with the game. 4A Games and AMD are working together on improving performance on Linux and are waiting for updated drivers from the graphics card manufacturer.

    If you have an AMD card and are running the latest version of Ubuntu (13.10 x86) you will need the latest beta driver from AMD to start the game, which you can download from here:

    We'll keep the community updated on developments on the AMD side as soon as we receive them.


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      Bought.... Downloading... I feel something, I think it's joy...


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        I only bought it, because it has been released for GNU/Linux.


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          Originally posted by Weegee View Post
          One word:


          I NEED to see benchmarks of this. Benchmarks with everything there is - the official NVIDIA driver, Nouveau, Catalyst, radeon, Intel, ... everything. I can't wait to see how the drivers deal with such a game.

          I guess it'll be really hard to perform these benchmarks though ...
          +1 !

          We don'"t care about ugly open source game like Open Arena. (every card on the market run great this game)

          And Metro Last Light has'got a benchmark with the game.


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            Very nice, I'd love to buy it and put my GTX560 to use finally.

            Oh wait, I can't, since Steam won't work on RHEL6.


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              Radeon R600

              I bought the game and I'm downloading it. Will it work with the opensource driver and Mesa 9.2 or 10?


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                I wish steam didn?t refuse to run here? ?Could not connect to Steam network.? No more explanation. Of course my internet connection works perfectly. So I can?t play any Steam games that I already downloaded and/or bought.


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                  Originally posted by boffo View Post
                  I bought the game and I'm downloading it. Will it work with the opensource driver and Mesa 9.2 or 10?
                  I'd also really like to know, but I very much doubt it at this time.

                  Metro is an OpenGL 4+ game. Even if it's possible to turn off tesselation (I don't know if it is), it must be making use of geometry shaders, which are still missing from r600g.

                  This is finally a game where OpenGL 4 is needed.


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                    I just bought the game from a trader for 7,50 Euros. Installed it on my Ubuntu 13.10 64bit system and it works well maxed out. I'm using GTX560TI.


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                      Is there any way to leave comments for developers? They should release this game DRM free, without Steam. Otherwise a wasted release for me.