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Valve Shows Off Steam Controller Demo Video

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    Originally posted by phoronix View Post
    Phoronix: Valve Shows Off Steam Controller Demo Video

    After announcing the Steam Controller / GamePad at the end of September, Valve has now released a video showing off the interesting gamepad in action...

    Why would I need a console now?

    With a competitive price, this will move the market Valve's way!!!


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      Originally posted by DDF420 View Post
      What i also notice in a lot of 3rd person and first person games on PS3, is the auto aim function, IE move the analogue stick close to the target press button A to auto aim to the target then press button B to fire. If i look at the last game i have played on both PC and PS3 that would be farcry 3 . Now that has an auto aim feature, that i needed on the ps3 version, but was playable with a mouse on the PC version when disabled . Disabling on the PS3 version made 20 AI homing in way to hard and frustrating .
      Could indeed be a serious problem if the controller is not accurate enough. I'm playing 'modern combat 4' on the nexus 7 (2013 version), I've disabled auto aim and this works great. But this is offcourse against other tablet gamers... I would not like to play like this against mouse and keyboard players. Hope Valve keeps this in mind.