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Valve Shows Off Steam Controller Demo Video

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    Originally posted by dee. View Post
    So, here we have a controller, that is like a gamepad, but is meant to mimic the action of a mouse+keyboard combo... so it's like a compromise between a gamepad and mouse+keyboard.

    Which therefore is worse than a gamepad with d-pad as a gamepad,

    ...and worse than mouse+keyboard as a mouse+keyboard.
    Maybe, but cosidering that the gamepad is useless as mouse+keyboard and mouse+keyboard is useless as gamepad it might still be nice improvement.


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      It looks very dorky design-wise. But if it works I don't care about looks. We'll see when it comes out. You cannot determine whether it works or not just by looking at it and someone else using it. You need it in your own hands. Hopefully they'll show it on some upcoming convention where people can actually try it.


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        Originally posted by tmpdir View Post
        Noticed that to... looks good enough to play casually, but not enough for playing FPS against 'mouse and keyboard users' ... Still a hell of a lot better than any other controller though.

        I believe the learning curve is small to nothing for people gaming on tablet pc's.
        To be honest i have never played on a tablet so have no experience with that but i did go and look at the video again and i think the the big issue was turning around. With a ps3 or xbox controller you simply hold to the left or right. This thumb slide up slide action may take some getting used to when turning around but better for aiming . The sensitivity looked set so it was easier to aim but slower to turn around.

        What i also notice in a lot of 3rd person and first person games on PS3, is the auto aim function, IE move the analogue stick close to the target press button A to auto aim to the target then press button B to fire. If i look at the last game i have played on both PC and PS3 that would be farcry 3 . Now that has an auto aim feature, that i needed on the ps3 version, but was playable with a mouse on the PC version when disabled . Disabling on the PS3 version made 20 AI homing in way to hard and frustrating .
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          Originally posted by F i L View Post
          You contradict yourself. Using a mouse surely uses more energy than a thumb trackpad... (and really, "tiresome", lol).
          I certainly do not. A mouse's range isn't as small as that pad. If you watch the video he has to reset his finger to move all the time. My mouse moves all the way across the screen without a reset. Even though it isn't 1:1 that pad to do the same would need to work more like my bamboo tablet ...

          I love all that valve has done and hopefully will do for Linux.. This pad doesn't interest me unless the synaptic scroll can be changed to emulate a hat control.
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            I very much dislike using a keyboard for lots of games because all the keys are surrounded by other keys and I am always hitting the wrong keys with by big hands and then I'm looking down and then back up at the screen. I'd rather just have a gamepad. I usually default to the arrow keys because they are not surrounded by other keys but they are always in the lower right so my left hand is way over on the right side of the keyboard which makes it inconvenient if there are other keys on the keybord I will need to use. I've never played pc games with a controller but I'm looking forward to it.

            Also, it seems to me like cheating to use a mouse for a FPS game; for the shooting part I mean. Isn't that just like "whack a mole" instead of showing skill?
            Seems to me to be more sporting to hand 2 people gamepads and let them go at it, kinda like handing them a wakeboard or skateboard or bike.

            I'd feel fairly beaten if beaten by another person with a gamepad - gamepad to gamepad but not KB to KB as I know I have a severe handicap on a keyboard with my big hands hitting the wrong keys all the time. For me the keybaord is a major destraction and the easy thing is the mouse shooting for a fps. Unless someone has a hangover or drank too much coffee or has athritis or something else making their hand shake or lose control I don't see how one mouse versus another mouse for fps shooters is anything other than equal.
            More than 50% of my losses in dota or other competitive games is due to keyboard destraction. Hit the wrong key, lose focus on my guy, he goes off screen where someone kills him (just an example).

            It feels unnatural to play something like bejeweled at worldwinner with a mouse where the main motion is to drag things up and down left and right. I'm like 2 or 3 times faster playing it with my finger on my HTC One touch screen.

            I can't see playing something like that old game centipede with anything other than a 4 or 5 inch trackball like the arcade game had.
            Remember that old game Tempest with like 100 levels? Man that was fun. Wish that would get ported to linux but I couldn't see playing that with anything other than a 3 or 4 inch dial wheel.

            One of the nice things about Linux is the diversity - different strokes for different folks, i.e. different distros.
            I feel like with steam, PC games and consoles we are losing some of the diversity we had in the old arcades. I'd like to see pedals, large trackballs, dial wheels, gun like controllers (or a PS move like controller), like some kind of punching force slip on sleeve that goes on your arm, maybe a strap on sensor to your shoes, maybe like a headband that senses when you blow hard or bite down hard so you can play a dragon, I don't know - get creative, give us diversity in game types and controllers so we get excited again.
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              Originally posted by rohcQaH View Post
              I mean, go ahead, grab your notebook, get a free Q3 port and play with the touchpad. Same technology. Good luck.
              Thing is, I've played against experienced trackpad users in Counter-Strike that have dominated using it. So i'm not so sure this wont allow people to at least play casually with PC players comfortably, especially in non-twitch games.


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                Originally posted by nightmarex View Post
                I have played many FPShooters since their inception (PC and console). A XBOX 360 pad can be used with practice quite efficiently. I would rather have that setup as the constant "resetting" of the finger over the trackpad not only loses time but would become tiresome.
                I will always choose a mouse first and do prefer it however what is basically a synaptic pad is a VERY clumsy control IMO.
                Have you played keyboard+mouse games like Quake3 with your x360 gamepad? Or have you only played games that are broken so that a gamepad works on it? I have played games that were made for gamepads and they are not fun to play with a mouse.


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                  I like this, I would love to get my hands on one to try it out. It would be really cool too if it came with a chatpad like the x360 controller. Keep up the good work Valve!


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                    Originally posted by rohcQaH View Post
                    Now grab the Quake 3 railgun and try to snipe someone bunnyhopping across the map. I doubt you can do it.
                    Completely agree. I hate consoles and I hate gamepads, but I think will still buy it. It will be my second console after the NES
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                      Originally posted by aironeous View Post
                      I very much dislike using a keyboard for lots of games because all the keys are surrounded by other keys and I am always hitting the wrong keys with by big hands and then I'm looking down and then back up at the screen. I'd rather just have a gamepad..

                      Use a gamepad in one hand and a mouse in the other. On the other hand, I can't see a gamepad working well where lots of keys are required (think ArmA or Crysis 1). I use a G11 (great controller, unfortunately poor Linux support).

                      I use the touchpad on my ThinkPad with my thumb (with fingers on the left/right buttons above the touchpad), and it's definitely more precise than "normal" touchpad usage and easy enough to swipe the thumb across several times (thumbs are dexterous). That said, I'm not sure even a two-thumb touchpad solution could be an adequate mouse replacement where precision really counts, e.g. fast strategy games like FAF (SupCom).