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What's Your Hopes From Valve's SteamOS?

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    - open source drivers to equal and eventually surpass binary ones. Faster drivers in linux compared to windows.Game developers start improving drivers to
    optimze for their games
    - Some way to have more optimized use of hardware similar to how PS3/Xbox were able to last for so long
    - Most AAA games available natively
    - Steam to remain available for any linux distro
    - All improvements pushed upstream
    - Mouse/keyboard should remain usable for FPS and such in steambox. Dont like controllers for them.
    - surprise us


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      My hope is that SteamOS will influence future distros.


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        I hope I can still use SteamOS as a development platform. It would be nice to have all the performance improvements for gaming and still have a DE that is suitable for desktop use.


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          1. they push for faster development of free video drivers.
          2. they bake an integrated wine solution to steam for currently existing windows games.
          3. they choose a culture and technologies that help strengthen the linux ecosystem rather than fragment it in the long run. (I imagine they'll initially have to build up many custom system components and such to get going fast enough).
          4. they generally promote free software in regards to codecs and such.
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            Originally posted by mrugiero View Post
            You expect too much. I can guarantee you'll get disappointed.
            Specially on the DRM point, there is no chance in hell they'll drop DRM.
            And Linux exclusive games, why? That just sounds as a hateful thing to say.
            How exactly did you come up with association Linux exclusive = hateful
            DRM = no money from me and some others I think it is important for Linux community to lobby for DRM-less games.
            Right should have added title to this if i had it would say which benefits can Linux reap from Valve
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              For the development of Steam OS I hope it supports true community efforts like systemd and wayland. A real Debian base would be good. I hope Valve improves a lot of the stack and contributes massively to the kernel and other parts as opposed to that other popular distribution.
              Just don't ship with very outdated packages this will only make it harder for people with Intel iGPUs. They don't need much of a desktop or window management so something like a Steam Shell which runs ontop of a Wayland compositor would be ideal. systemd makes Steam OS boot like lightning.
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                My main wish is that SteamOS continues to function as a regular Linux OS rather than being locked inside the Steam client. I want to be able to switch from the Steam client back to the desktop (hopefully Gnome Shell) and be able to run Firefox or run XBMC. Oh, and I would like to be able to SSH into the box from my laptop.


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                  Originally posted by article
                  Though what's your hopes from SteamOS? High performance open-source GPU drivers?

                  Originally posted by article
                  A binary blob-free kernel land?
                  No, definitely not.

                  Originally posted by article
                  Btrfs by default?
                  I doubt it.

                  Originally posted by article
                  The BFS scheduler by default given the gaming system target?
                  Can't really comment on that.


                  What I'm hoping for is an easy way for people to enjoy their games on Linux in their living rooms.

                  Also, I'm expecting Valve to release some sort of Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality hardware, that is to be accompanied with their gaming console.

                  Also, the third announcement has to be Half-life 3. Just because.

                  (Obviously if this, for some miraclous reason were to happen, Half-life 3 would be launched in 2014 alongside their gaming console and their virtual reality headgear. Those combined would revolutionize virtual 3D reality gaming.)


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                    Originally posted by gamerk2 View Post
                    Come on guys, this is a no-factor. Its essentially game streaming, meaning you need a Windows PC in the first place.

                    Hence the problem.
                    NO, game streaming is an additional bonus for older games that will never see a port. It also mentions that AAA titles will be coming natively to Linux.


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                      It's time to take another cut out of MS's market lock in. I'm sick and tired of the whole MS tax thing that has been going on far too long.