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What's Your Hopes From Valve's SteamOS?

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    stream win games until users get bored of running two machines and start to buy Linux games...but as always the beginning is hard. Anway I don't intend to buy such a device in the near future but welcome any Linux games for my desktop pc.


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      More games for Linux
      More software for Linux in general
      Linux exclusive games
      No DRM for Linux version of games some people still dont have Steam installed simply because they HATE DRM.
      Bugfixing and fixing conceptual Linux faults


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        Originally posted by gamerk2 View Post
        Come on guys, this is a no-factor. Its essentially game streaming, meaning you need a Windows PC in the first place.

        Hence the problem.
        It streams from a PC as an option if you don't have it locally on Linux, and since the streaming feature will be build in the client itself (not only for windows but for mac and linux as well), you should be able to have a powerful computer somewhere and a thin client to stream games throughout the house.
        SteamOS will be a ready-to-use linux distribution for steam, just the same way Xbmcbuntu is to xbmc. Nothing to configure, it just works, but they are made to be used on a tv.
        Who cares if it is based on debian, ubuntu or netBSD as long as it provides a working linux platform for the mere mortal ? Those who know how to use Linux and are interested in steam must have it working for a long time now on their own system.

        What I expect is that it's going to provide a standard platform for Linux game development in term of libraries version, so that if needed it can be matched by other distribution if they want to be game-savy.


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          Originally posted by blackout23 View Post
          Really my only hope is that it becomes the standard target platform for game developers. Since it's using cross-platform technologies developers aren't missing out on the Windows desktop market. This would mean that desktop Linux gets crap tons of AAA titles.
          It won't be a "standard target" unless it gets shipped or preinstalled on Hardware. This is also why Linux is not a standard target yet.

          ChromeOS is the only one being sold on hardware in larger quantities, but is web based so is not really helping the ecosystem as much as it could.

          My hopes are for Ubuntu shipping in more computers and the steambox.


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            my hopes

            My only hopes is that AAA games start to become the norm in Linux, i dont really care if SteamOS is based on Ubuntu or Fedora, as long as it does not need any kind of manual intervention (like modifying files, or opening the shell for anything at all).

            It would be nice if some of the older titles work even if it's with bottled wine. (much like The Witcher 1 was done for Mac).

            I dont care if they use opensource drivers or blob binary as long as the performance is up par or better than windows 7/8.1 and i really really hope the launch something like Unity3D (the game engine) but based on Steam for game development right from the SteamOS.


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              I don't think it has any DE running. Just steam big picture on X. Most probably debian/ubuntu based distro under the hood.


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                Originally posted by Ramiliez View Post
                More games for Linux
                More software for Linux in general
                Linux exclusive games
                No DRM for Linux version of games some people still dont have Steam installed simply because they HATE DRM.
                Bugfixing and fixing conceptual Linux faults
                You expect too much. I can guarantee you'll get disappointed.
                Specially on the DRM point, there is no chance in hell they'll drop DRM.
                And Linux exclusive games, why? That just sounds as a hateful thing to say.


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                  I hope:
                  the hability to use xbmc (or having something on par already built in) on steamOs, and if needed, a way to easy switch to a desktop (I like elementaryOs interface) so that will be sweet to have.
                  - to be built with comodity hardware, meaning that I can build my own Steambox (like a clone pc).
                  - to be the base for game developers to aim (optimize) for.
                  - affordable, no one wants to build a 1000 U$S SteamBox (well, not the majority)
                  - that given a steambox running windows vs a steambox running steamOs, there will be a notable performance difference (steam os being faster by 10%-15%) to justify the switch.
                  - if we take into consideration all the previous points: BEST performance/price ratio for a clonic pc by a good margin.


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                    Hopes and Dreams people!

                    Short term:

                    - Great Controller (very important!) + Good Hardware.
                    - More AAA games brought over to SteamBox & Linux
                    - Upgrade to use Wayland for next Display Server

                    Long term:

                    - Steam OS improves driver support on Linux in general, encouraging AMD/Nvidia to make excellent EGL drivers for Wayland (and Mir).
                    - Create Steam Desktop OS, with KDE or Gnome or their own UI (so long as it's open). Runs on SteamBox, but for more than just BigPicture mode.
                    - Steam Desktop OS is for game devs too. Comes with developing tools, and encourages Linux as a game-dev platform (needs C/C++ edit-n-continue debugging).
                    - More OEMs make "Steam Box" systems, targeting top-end to low-end games. Valve introduces "performance tear classifications" for games and OEMs.

                    Far away:

                    - Steam Mobile OS? Plays nicely with Sailfish, Tizen, Android, etc..
                    - Massive migration to open-source developer tools as industry standards in gaming (KDevelop is nice)
                    - More open art tools are improved and used in game dev. Open formats become standard. (Blender & Krita are already on their way).


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                      Valve isn't targeting the traditional desktop / laptop market with Steam OS. Valve already has a client for your desktop / laptop as long as its running either Windows, OS X, or Linux. They're targeting the Xbox or Playstation that you have hooked up to your TV.

                      It seems like Valve is trying to do what Microsoft did and what Google is currently doing, and that's crafting a OS and releasing it to manufacturers and the public to freely install on whatever x86 hardware out there. What Steam OS provides is the ability to make your very own console out of regular x86 hardware, which is the hardware of choice for the two of the three big console providers at the moment.

                      It doesn't matter if its running an AMD or Intel processor, 2gb or 16gb of ram, DDR1 or DDR3, dual core or six core, AMD or Nvidia GPU. Doesn't matter if it cost $200 or $2,000 to make, if it has an x86 processor you can slap Steam OS on it and turn it into a console. It's your choice.

                      And best of all, its using open source linux as its core. Debian. If it runs on Steam OS, it'll most likely run on any other Linux distro out there.
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