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What's Your Hopes From Valve's SteamOS?

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  • What's Your Hopes From Valve's SteamOS?

    Phoronix: What's Your Hopes From Valve's SteamOS?

    As most Phoronix readers are now aware, the first countdown timer is now complete for Valve's SteamBox-related news. The first drop was about SteamOS, their own Linux distribution that's highly optimized for gaming...

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    Really my only hope is that it becomes the standard target platform for game developers. Since it's using cross-platform technologies developers aren't missing out on the Windows desktop market. This would mean that desktop Linux gets crap tons of AAA titles.
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      No hopes, since it doesn't seem to affect me in any way so far. Not interested in DRM platforms.
      The whole streaming idea is mildly interesting, but I don't expect that to be very useful for desktop Linux players, either.


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        So...NVIDIA shield 2.0?


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          wayland + QT UI


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            Originally posted by BO$$ View Post
            I would have a good laugh if it was based on Ubuntu.
            It probably is...


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              Originally posted by BO$$ View Post
              I would have a good laugh if it was based on Ubuntu.
              You should decide what distro to be based on. You're the BOSS.


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                Many claims that it is based on Debian, but there is no source

                Simply named Steam OS, the operating system is a highly modified Debian Linux stripped to bare, with all its non-essentials tossed out, and proprietary multimedia CODECs added, along with fonts, runtime environments, and in-built drivers for popular GPU, sound card, and gaming-peripheral brands. In essence, there's everything in the operating system for PC gamers, and then some.

                But Ubuntu is also highly modified Debian... rebuilded to been worse
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                  Come on guys, this is a no-factor. Its essentially game streaming, meaning you need a Windows PC in the first place.

                  Hence the problem.


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                    My wish is that:

                    * It's open (give power users an easy way to install other software, without having to enter a 'developer mode' as in Chromebooks)
                    * Improvements to Linux and Open Source Graphics stacks are pushed upstream
                    * The Linux Client keeps getting developed and benefits from improvements in StreamOS

                    Hope you are reading, Steam friends, and thank you for going open!