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    Well, this isn't my write-up just yet that I thought about doing. I thought I'd write some initial thoughts before I give it more time to get a proper experience.

    The installer needs work primarily because it does not check for the FreeAlut dependency (or libalut), I see it has caused some problems for some people.

    The graphics are passable. Somethings aren't correctly done, IMO, like the shadows. More on that in my write-up. I'll try to grab a couple of screenshots but the game rendering has minor corruptions. My test run was in Zandvoort.

    The car models are okay. But the physics is weird and the way the controls react to my controller are equally puzzling. I can adjust with the clutch flick for every gear press, but the steering needs help. I'm assuming there's a couple of settings in the game that allows me to compensate, but seeing as there's no car setup (or one that I haven't found yet), I'm finding it hard to see that the game's physics is more of a penalty if the player's do not have the tools to equally benefit get some form of tweaks given the physics engine.

    This isn't final. I need some time to figure this thing out.


    I've figured a bit of the controls. Firstly, that inspite of my remapping of the analog stick, right gets mapped to down while left maps to left. For me to continue testing this game, I have to use digital directional pad instead. Kind of sucky but oh well. When the engine stalls, it's very, very difficult to get the car to shift back to 1st gear without the engine cutting again.

    I'll try to attach here an image of what I'm talking about with the graphical error. My drivers are old so that could be the reason, and I'm not exactly complaining about the glitch. Just pointing it out.

    EDIT 2:

    Miraculously, the game managed to map my analog stick to the correct direction. I think I have avoided the problem by not calibrating using VDrift's options. The physics are very wrong. Monza is quite glitchy too if you drive the FF. The high speed bumps on the kerbs always result in your car getting kicked up. Sadly, I think this game needs more refinements at its current state.
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    Yes, in the latest version of the game I have noticed lots of driver problems / graphical glitches.

    I know the main person behind VDrift, so I'll see if I can get him on the forums to talk about your concerns.
    Michael Larabel


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      Then, this is not the version to base opinions on. I will wait for a next release. But I will reiterate, I do not agree with the manner the cars react in this game.