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True Combat: Elite (Open Source game)

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  • True Combat: Elite (Open Source game)

    Just a heads up.

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    Has anyone tried it? How is it? I have heard some information about it but never tried it out or looked into it much. Impressive for HDR effects when it's based on ET.
    Michael Larabel


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      A little late, but...

      Well, I tried TC:Elite once. Yeah, the screenshots look impressive. But don't get too excited, the actual graphics don't even come close to those shots. And the game itself (besides its bugs) is just another ordinary CS kind of type shooter. All the talk about team play and realism- nothin' of that I found in the game. Just a lot run 'n gun and players hanging out on spawn points to easily take down spawning players. Kidz stuff, really.

      This game doesn't even come close to such games like America's Army and Red Orchestra.


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        I used to play "True Combat" for Quake 3 a lot a few years ago, and it seriously rocked. I'm gonna give this a try some day, I think.

        I don't think it's Free Software or "Open Source", though - more likely free to distribute.