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Natural Selection 2 Appears On Steam For Linux

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    Originally posted by curaga View Post
    Did you actually read the post? The dota2 Linux port is crap quality.

    It compiles 11k shaders, when the windows one does ~200. How can you blame that on the drivers? Hm?
    I read it and there was no additional information in the original post. It only stated the fps on the different systems. I told him that and then he added more information over an over again. So why do you blame me for reading the originial post, that had no information?

    Also did you read the post itself? I don't think so.


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      System Requirements lol?

      Steam page for NS2 doesn't list sys reqs for LINUX.

      The game is available for purchase on Steam for 23$. The price fell 2$! Though how did I buy this game paying only 7$? I waited until Humble Bundle released it and purchased it with my Bitcoins, that's how! Also I got Garry's Mod plus a shitload of other games, lol. Though most are for Windows bleh!