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Ravensdale Kickstart commits to Linux support

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  • Ravensdale Kickstart commits to Linux support

    Black Forest Games, makers of Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, have a new game up on Kickstarter, Ravensdale, and in their update #4 posted today they have stated their plans for a Linux port. The update to the FAQ on the main page goes so far as to claim that the Linux port will be available upon the game's launch.

    I had my reservations about this due to the lack of Mac or Linux ports for Giana Sisters, but they explain the reason for that in the update. Basically the game was just about done by the time they did the Kickstarter and they finished it just a month after the campaign. They lacked the funds, time (and I would imagine coding experience) to get the game out on anything other than PC and the major consoles. Now with this game they have a year to get the game done; they already have engine pretty much finished and have done some experimental Linux builds. There is little reason why they wouldn't have the Linux port done for launch, so it is likely a safe bet for Linux users to fund it.