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Four New Titles Added To Humble Indie Bundle 8

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    Originally posted by schmidtbag View Post
    I didn't know that was possible, though I assume this is before you register the Steam keys, right? Otherwise, I'd be surprised Valve would be so accepting of this (the HIB devs still get their money since you're paying them through a separate service)
    Yeah, Valve sells gift keys, and you don't have to register your HIB games. Just sit on them till theres a sale on a game you want and ask to trade to people that missed those games on the HIB, since while the HIB is on they aren't worth much.


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      Better title

      I am about to complain about headline not being "loud" enough... which is almost always the opposite of my complaint with headlines..

      "Four new titles added to Humble Bundle"

      Instead... "Oilrish for $6! and 10 other games"

      Missed it this time.. wonders if there will be other sales. For $6 it's worth it, I'm waiting for a demo before I would spend $20.. (I'm not sure it will run on my current hardware)