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Valve Updates Steam Hardware Survey For May

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    Originally posted by edmon View Post
    54 000 000 * 2/100
    For 1.3% you have: 54000000 * 0.013



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      I picked 1.86% specifically because it is the first value to the nearest hundreth that surpasses 1 million (1.85% is 999,000). This is also considering that 54m is still current. It has been at least a few months since Valve reported that as their active user count, so it has probably gone up since, but working with the numbers we have available we would just need to pass that 1.86% mark to be fairly sure.

      I feel confident that the majority of "other" is made up of the less common Linux distros that aren't showing up this month, so there is a very good chance we have surpassed that 1 million mark during May.
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        Originally posted by johnc View Post
        I suspect it's going to be a lot like the desktop situation: there is no reason to leave Windows for Linux. Especially considering gaming enthusiasts are a lot more sophisticated than just e-mail and browser folks.

        There would need to be a successful SteamBox to get those numbers to budge much.

        In terms of discrete GPUs it's amazing how much of a lead NVIDIA has over AMD.
        Yes and most of the game I own on steam that work natively on Linux still play better smoother on Windows (AMD GPU, so might be driver reason, and cannot use the latest beta version for then steam then no longer boot for some reason), so still mostly stick to Windows gaming even on game that work on both side, for moment, for just too much stress right now to be willing to bother with getting set up working optimally under Linux. (There was X3:TC and AP that actually were smoother then under Windows from what I saw, but those game require an involvement that currently too much for me right now, even if some of my favorite games)

        But I admit only currently in a temporary gaming set up to try Linux gaming on my desktop (very heavy gamer, so Linux could never have satisfied me, in the state it was before, so never tried gaming on it before Valve made a move), for just quickly installed Ubuntu 12.04, in multiboot on the desktop, for thing to work quickly, has I am usually more on the hatted side of Linux when it come to work.


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          Originally posted by nightmarex View Post
          Stem huh? I think you mean Steam Michael.
          No, Stem Hardware is just like Stem Cells. It's how they reverse engineer their drivers.


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            Just so everyone knows, I believe its 1.86% of total ACTIVE users. It wouldn't surprise me if as much as 5% of Steam users (or even more) never logged in once in the past year.

            Another thing to consider is many Steam users, myself included, have signed in on both Windows and Linux, which can slightly skew the results.


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              Originally posted by schmidtbag View Post
              Another thing to consider is many Steam users, myself included, have signed in on both Windows and Linux, which can slightly skew the results.
              Agreed. I think they base their figures off of the operating system a user uses most. But, currently, I think there are a significant number of Linux users who are counted as windows users because they spend more time playing games on Windows than they do on Linux. A figure of Ubuntu users said that something like 75% of their users dual boot.

              In any case, I think that it would be safe to assume that anyone WITH a linux account would rather play their games on Linux, so I think the numbers would be more fair if they counted everyone with a Linux account as a Linux user, regardless of what they use to play games with the most.

              Regardless, they say that 4% is the golden threshold where people start to seriously develop for your platform. So, if we manage to reach that percentage, we should be seeing a massive explosion of games developed for Linux.


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                Well the count had a +1 last week when I tried Steam natively for the first time. I'd have been all over this a few years ago but I just don't have the time any more. I played Portal, which I bought several years ago but had never played, for about an hour and it was truly wonderful. I was rather impressed with the performance of the open Radeon driver. It sounds quaint but I don't think I've ever seen anti-aliasing on Linux before. Thank you, Valve.


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                  I wouldn't be surprised if (at least some of) the decline is due to many people getting excited to try it out, and now that they've tried it, went back to using Windows.

                  Tons of potential here, and hopefully there's been enough interest that developers start to notice there's a place for Linux gaming in the market as well. The Steam Box is coming, and I'm really interested to see how this all plays out!


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                    There's a big lack of games still. Valve's games most certainly helped, but I have a huge games library on Steam on Windows, but when I play on Linux I have only 31 games, and almost all of them are indie games from humble bundles or Valve games... :x

                    There are plenty of Linux gamers, we're just not firing up Steam that much at the moment. It approached 3% for a reason, you know. They are there. They're probably just playing humble bundles right now.

                    I think with a Steam box running Linux we'll probably see this stuff change pretty friggin' quickly. It's all this "no games = no gamers = no games = ..." vicious cycle we've all been so familiar with. It really does require an absolutely insanely huge investment to change this. This is why new console launches are always quick to point out that they have a huge amount of launch titles and exclusives. Otherwise they will simply just fail completely.

                    Linux lacks a killer app in the gaming aspect. That's the cold, hard truth right there. We really need hardware to change that, and we also need to get some other big gaming studios on board.


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                      I agree that it's probably down to 3 things:
                      - Maybe it's not linux gamers decreasing, but other OS gamers increasing at a faster rate?
                      - Novelty has worn off, and many games are still missing. Lots of games from previous humble bundles still MIA. L4D2 beta for instance has almost 0 workshop content, whereas full L4D2 has a lot of cool stuff to offer. Still missing the all-important DOTA2. What's the use of giving me 20 copies each month to give away if I cannot play? Where are all the ID games that have linux ports?
                      - AMD graphics drivers still suck. So very much it's not even funny. I can see why someone with an AMD GPU, especially a ""legacy"" one (funny there are legacy AMD gpus with 2x the performance of my fully-supported and working nvidia one) would not want to move to linux.