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Quake Wars Linux Demo Released

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  • Quake Wars Linux Demo Released

    Phoronix: Quake Wars Linux Demo Released

    We told you over the weekend that the demo for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars would be released soon and then this morning passed along word that it would indeed be released today. Well, now it's available from id Software Zerowing. This demo only contains one demo campaign but does support LAN and Internet game-play.

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    The demo is working pretty well for me on my Radeon Mobility X1600 (fglrx 8.41). I get a consistent-ish 30fps at 1024x768 on "Low" settings. It does seem to be a somewhat slower game to run than Doom3/Quake4 demos which I played, but this is probably down to the (large) view distance and number of player models in the game.

    It's recommended that you use a 1000MHz kernel for this game. I was wondering if anyone knows just how much difference this makes? I'd prefer not for battery life reasons. Also, is the new tickless kernel (in Ubuntu Gutsy) likely to have better performance in this case?