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    Originally posted by meklu View Post
    With at least Proteus and Capsized, the installer is MojoSetup. This pretty much means that you can just unzip <installer> 'data/*'.
    Thanks for the info.

    Or, you could just use the damn installer and make it shove its stuff in, say, ~/games/. It's pretty good at it.
    As I said, I don’t like or trust Linux installers; it’s much simpler, easier, faster and safe to just unpack an archive.

    Edit: Also, who on Earth ever tries ar x'ing stuff on non-Debian distros when there are more suitable things available...
    Well, enlighten us, what are the more suitable things?
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      Originally posted by stqn View Post
      Well, enlighten us, what are the more suitable things?
      Sorry, I could've phrased that better. More suitable things as in using the provided tarball or installer instead of a distribution-specific package.


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        Just a heads up for those interested. If you right click on Hotline Miami in your Steam library and choose properties and go to the beta tab you can put in the code 'hlm' without the quotes to get access to the beta which will let you install it on Linux. Just got done playing it for a bit and everything seems to work fine as far as I can tell. It's a pretty fun game, easily one of the best in HIB8 so far.