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ET:QW Linux Demo Coming TODAY

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    My results with the demo were not good with a AGP x1600xt running in PCI mode haha, and no the 8.41 driver doesn't work for me, plus, it wouldn't save me anyway due to the PCIE-AGP bus issue. Basically, the demo loaded up, I went with minimum settings at 640x480 because I already knew I was doomed due to the drivers situation.

    So I loaded up the demo map, and I was suprised how bad minimum detail really looked in this game haha. I was running at about 10 fps. I was going to take a screenshot but when I did, it hardlocked my system. So if 8.42 is any better, and fixes my issues, I will post my results here on the day the driver comes out.


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      Btw. when you have got a good behaving ATI card, you just stop kdm, gdm or whatever you use, then

      rmmod fglrx

      and install other fglrx driver. After that start kdm/gdm again and it works. Only on my new system that does not work... When you switch from standard driver you do instead:

      rmmod radeon drm

      The same trick works for switching nvidia drivers, there you do of course:

      rmmod nvidia


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        So how does one measure FPS on linux.Does ETQW have a integrated benchmark or do you use something like FRAPS?


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          Well look at my post here:

          to use a timedemo or to show current fps you can use:

          +com_showFPS 1

          as startup option or you press ctrl+alt+~ and enter just

          com_showFPS 1

          in the console. A similar thing is possible for UT, there you press TAB and then

          stat fps


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            And how do i get avg FPS. does ETQW log the FPS in some file so i can calculate it?


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              See the post above for FPS info:
              Michael Larabel


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                i've seen all this before but current fps doesnt help me calculate avg fps unless its logged somewhere. I did a timedemo and seems to play in between 20-65 fps 1680x1050 at max settings, no AA. Playing against the PC fps are a bit lower. dunno about online yet. I'll try on windows later. thanks for the help anyway
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                  i guess i should check the console after running the demo... DUH


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                    X2 4600 2.4ghz, X1800XT 512MB(8.41), 2GB ram 800mhz @ 1680x1050 avg FPS 31 all settings high and shaders Ultra. Map was Valley at the beginning.
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                      Good performance on my macbook pro.