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ET:QW Linux Demo Coming TODAY

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  • ET:QW Linux Demo Coming TODAY

    Phoronix: ET:QW Linux Demo Coming TODAY

    We told you three days ago that the Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Linux demo was coming very soon. Well, we've just received confirmation that the Linux demo client will be available today! A new ET:QW Windows demo update is coming out about noon (CST) and the Linux demo will be out within a few hours after that.

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    Hope to see you all online

    Be sure to set " | " as a clan tag. Possible makes it easier if you want to add some friends from here.


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      Here's a link:

      I assume that's where it will be when it gets released... we'll see.


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        Originally posted by joshuapurcell View Post
        Here's a link:

        I assume that's where it will be when it gets released... we'll see.
        Better watch this place to be downloading when others are still waiting:


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          It's out!
          Michael Larabel


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            Bah! Downloaded it, installed fine, but can't play due to useless 8.40 drivers on the 1950pro AGP trying to run the card as PCIE. Any chance this bug will be fixed in the 8.42 release?


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              Those screenshots are from the ATI card, right?
              They look like Delta Force 2 graphics material to me


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                Just played it. It's nice, but imho not spectacular...

                I didn't have any sound and graphics were kept very low ( can't use my X1950pro AGP yet )
                The resolution was 640x480 because any higher reso resulted in a small window with a lot of mess around it.


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                  Howdy, I can`t seem to unlock fps with the following cvars

                  seta com_unlock_maxFPS "60"
                  seta com_unlock_timingMethod "1"
                  seta com_unlockFPS "1"

                  its always stuck on 30fps , anybody else managed to run the game at more than 30fp ? thanks

                  edit: unlock seems only to work when playing on a server, not as single player against computer bots.
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                    I tried it, seems like a good and polished game. However, the game autodetected that I should use 640x480 at Low settings on my ATI Radeon X1250. I changed it to 800x600 at Medium, and performance was very bad.
                    I'm DLing the Windows demo as we speak, to see if it gets any better results on Vista.