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New Unreal Tournament 3 Linux Details

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  • New Unreal Tournament 3 Linux Details

    Phoronix: New Unreal Tournament 3 Linux Details

    Contrary to early reports that there would be a Linux client binary that would ship on the Unreal Tournament 3 DVD inside the game's box, this will not be the case. Ryan Gordon (a.k.a.

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    Well damn... I guess I'll have to stop telling everyone how much better of a Linux release Unreal Tournament 3 will be when compared to Quake Wars.


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      Why shouldn't Quake Wars be an excellent Linux release?


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        I've posted about in other threads (see here and a couple of posts here). Basically I know Quake Wars will be a great game and it's a plus for it to run on Linux, but not having a Linux installer included on the CD is a big negative for Linux gaming in general. Now the same can be said for Unreal Tournament 3, whereas before today my argument was that if Epic can get the isntaller on the CD then so can iD.


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          Maybe we'll see a linux installer on the game cd in later revisions of the retail game. Of course that could be a while, either that or Tux Games might toss one on there on their store version. Who knows.

          But all that aside, I'm glad either way the game is coming to Linux, but it would had been nice to see the game come Linux ready out of the box. It just may be a little more confusing for people who are new to Linux and can't find the installer. Its kinda like if someone bought a game that supported Windows and had to download the installer (setup.exe) in order to install and play their game.

          Of course all of us are used to this, we've been doing this forever for games like all the Quake games, the original UT, etc.