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Steam Linux Usage Still On The Decline

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    Originally posted by johnc View Post
    That's a pretty amazing read of that chart. What I see is Linux hanging on in the 1% area and Windows 8 growing at a much faster rate than Linux. And the XP downtick was offset by an equal uptick in Windows 7.
    You also fail at graph reading.


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      Originally posted by pdffs View Post
      You also fail at graph reading.
      No he doesn't. The written stats quite clearly show a +.96% gain for Win8 64-bit (and a net win for Windows in general, albeit at loss for Win7 and XP) and a net loss for Linux. It requires no "graph reading" skills at all to read that basic information out of the results. The total percentages at play are around 1%, which is all but irrelevant to Windows, but rather strongly impacts Linux's height of ~2%.

      Year of Linux Gaming, indeed.

      Originally posted by serge
      I think that the decline of XP is due more to EOL concerns than to preference for or appeal of alternatives. XP EOL is less than a year away now.
      Or just people buying new machines which generally come with a newer copy of Windows. That's the only reason anyone ever uses Windows, right? ... Right?


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        I'll be interested to see how the Steambox in general impacts Linux development with 3rd-party developers. Considering that Valve's hardware is going to be Linux based.


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          I was expecting more people to jump on the Linux bandwagon after the release of STEAM. Seems most gamers I talk to still think linux is extremely hard to use, and not geared towards gaming. Hopefully SteamBox will get more users thinking about Linux as a gaming platform.


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            Bad AMD drivers + steam client not in Ubuntu's repo.
            Not like it matters, when Steambox releases the number will jump pretty high.


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              In my opinion,

              Hardcore gamers will be the market shift catalysts. Casual gaming would not normally justify migrating operating systems for most people who use their PC's for 'other' tasks, usually Office(, and it breaks my dribble down theory below). Granny, who's on Ubuntu, would not normally be the sort to play FarCry. She's not a market driver and that market will never be until the gaming majority of now hit retirement, which renders Now Granny effectively irrelevant.

              Gaming is the last frontier for linux to crack^, and the big blockers are sub-optimal drivers and no AAA studio support. We all know this. Most else is secondary as it sits below (drivers) or doesn't matter if it doesn't exist (game engines) if it's crappy. If those blockers aren't removed, and we have no excuses left to justify why the numbers are stuck at 2%, maybe we need to do some marketing!#. Normally the marketing comes first, to create a buzz, damn the rest of it. Just look at MS and Apple as prime market-leading examples.

              Hardcore gamers wont be held back by tweaking. They will tweak. FPS, stability, keybinds. This type of mentality bought gaming to the fore-front in the first place and helped make it a commodity as requirements for more power in server and desktop markets took hold. In the case of desktops, mass marketing with T'n'A took grip and created new markets.

              Once those drivers have stabilised, and a handfull of engines have made the migration successfully (especially Unity), theoretically for linux, it should start the ball rolling again. But, it will be slow as the hardcore (starting with the dev's, then the dedicated, then the nerds (I'm here!), so on to the vast majority) dribble effect takes effect again.

              However, even if MS persists with scaring off their enterprise customers with things like Metro*, market majority for linux will likely take a very long time (10 years kind of long). People like to use the same thing they have at work. Mobile's a very differant market, but still puts linux in to peoples thoughts like rooting their handset. They start to become 'ecosystem aware'. They start to see the real power of linux when it runs everything from, well, you all know. Change their possibly negative mindset about linux in to a positive. Most people dont even know the internet only exists because of linux....mostly anyway =D There are a multitude of responses against linux, and they all need to be address to break down the walls. Or simply just accept the current limitations and let anti-linuxers have thier little win instead of dragging on useless, polarising divides. Thankfully Apple decided to stay mostly out of the Enterprise arena. It would have put BSD out there, but at what cost. Even MS is moving to terminal mode on their servers.

              And then there's the SteamBox which is probably the real catalyst for a linux client on the desktop in the first place. I think this might actually take away number's from linux. At least desktop. Why run desktop linux if you can have Windows there and a SteamBox. Win-Win for that person as they use their existing Windows gaming as most linux games will exist on Windows concurrently.

              I'm not holding my breathe to see magical market majority number's for linux. I dont care. I just want to be able to game-on simultaneously with Window's and Apple's on my linux flavour.

              Okay, I've said enough. Hopefully some people can nit-pick over my current opinion's, at least what I got on paper!, as I didn't actually cite anything. I jsut want to do my part for getting people to at least consider linux. It's been a slow, but educational process! I even lost a job once because I mentioned linux at work =O

              ^ MS Office is coming, apparently. Take that how you want
              # Anyone remember that drive to get Tux on to the Indy kart? I wonder if Kickstarter allows for funding advertising campaigns
              * Server 2012 is a whole new kettle of fish! And irrelevant for gaming =D


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                amd drivers

                amd drivers suck in windows and linux (very bad). i change my card to nvidia and i have no more problems with crash and fps with steam linux.

                only thing steam linux need is more games, real games, like cs go l4d2, pes (linux really need pes ou fifa), lord or rings online, star trek online etc and much more games, the moste of games on steam repository are the same of ubuntu software center.

                windows have years of gaming, but amd says no to dx12, it?s a good news for linux and opengl


                and i want, we want blizzard and EA games


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                  Yeah, I'm just waiting for some more interesting games to come around. You know, the ones I missed when I gave up on PC gaming for console gaming. There are some awesome independent titles, but if I could get something like DmC : Devil May Cry or BioShock, that'd be pretty sweet.

                  Still, I'm sure Left 4 Dead 2 will be good enough to get me on it for a while. Also, the kind of person who games on Linux may also be the kind that doesn't much like sticking to Ubuntu, and that may make things difficult for some people if Steam doesn't work seamlessly on their distro of choice.


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                    huh, strange...did anyone get that survey at all? Ever since I started using Steam on Linux, I never got that survey window I know from WINE usage.


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                      Originally posted by enfocomp View Post
                      I was expecting more people to jump on the Linux bandwagon after the release of STEAM. Seems most gamers I talk to still think linux is extremely hard to use, and not geared towards gaming. Hopefully SteamBox will get more users thinking about Linux as a gaming platform.
                      I'm fairly certain the Steambox will get more people thinking about the Steambox, not Linux in general. Afaik the box will be marketed as a console, not a computer, so most people will treat it as such. The underlying OS is basically irrelevant on a console (or for gamers in general), their main concern is that all of their games run on a platform.

                      As such, the decline of Steam on Linux doesn't really surprise me at all. I've been using Linux for years, it's my main desktop, but I still use Windows for gaming. While Steam on Linux is certainly exciting, none of the games I play are currently available, as such SoL is of limited use to me. And, to be able to even begin to convince any of my friends to switch, all of their games need to be available, drivers need to work out of the box and performance needs to be on par with Windows (or better).

                      Even if all of the above comes to pass, many are still going to ask why they should use Linux, since they're used to Windows and it can do anything they need. Without a convincing "bonus" why should they make the switch, possibly having to relearn how to use the OS and potentially losing several tools they're used to?