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ET: Quake Wars For Linux In A Few Weeks

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  • ET: Quake Wars For Linux In A Few Weeks

    Phoronix: ET: Quake Wars For Linux In A Few Weeks

    Based upon id Software's Quake 4 Linux release, we thought the Enemy Territory: Quake Wars release was just days away. However, Timothee Besset (id's Linux guy) has posted in an a ET:QW community update that the Linux client is coming in "a few weeks." This time now is spent on optimizing the client code.

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    I don't like saying this but I'm disappointed. You could look at this and say that at least they are releasing a Linux version, though. I haven't even picked up my copy from the game store, and I most likely won't until the Linux installer comes out... no point in getting it beforehand.


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      No Ads In Linux Version!

      I was feeling depressed about the unavailability of Quake Wars on Linux, so I went to their official forums to find some good news. Here's what I found:
      Originally posted by TTimo View Post
      The Linux client will not have in-game ads. For the simple reason that Massive does not provide a Linux backend.

      TTimo is an iD programmer, so he's telling the truth. For me that's a big plus on the Linux client side... no bloat shipped with the Linux client vs. the Windows version. Heres' a link:


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        The ads are really unobtrusive anyway. It first i thought this was a bad idea but now i just dont care