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Unvanquished Alpha 14 Enhances Its GL3 Renderer

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  • Unvanquished Alpha 14 Enhances Its GL3 Renderer

    Phoronix: Unvanquished Alpha 14 Enhances Its GL3 Renderer

    The 14th alpha release of the visually impressive Unvanquished open-source game has been released. Notable to this month's alpha update are enhancements to the game engine's OpenGL 3.x renderer...

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    Yeah, they do not make it easy to run the game on GNU/Linux :-P.


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      tremulous did not have the advanced graphics this game has but it still was great fun to play. If all goes well unvanquished will be a FPS to have on my every box to escape from times of boringness and stress. the game will be a big hit for the masses.


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        Have they actually started making the game mechanics and art assets yet, or is it stuck in a forever stage of "lets make a really technically great graphics engine with no end product in sight", like many open source games....?

        I want to play a fun game at somepoint instead of hearing baout how great the engine is going to be....


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          Well, Phoronix doesn't make it exactly easy (all those stupid internal links ) to go via one click to the homepage of Unvanquished, but if you had done so you would have noticed that it is basically an art replacement project for Tremulous, which is a fully playable multiplayer game already. Oh and the new art-assets are actually much more impressive then the engine updates

          P.S.: They also work on upgrading the gameplay.