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Status of Source Engine SDK for Linux/Mac?

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  • Status of Source Engine SDK for Linux/Mac?

    Hello Michael & all forum users:

    First, big thanks go to Michael for running this site & keep us all updated about latest Linux gaming & drivers news. You have my thumbs up on it!

    Now, one question I have in regard to Valve's continuous effort to improve their Linux game offering:

    I saw some news (or April Fools ) about Garry's Mod. Anyway, back in year 2011, there was an article on the site about Valve Makes The Source SDK Free Of Charge -

    After some checking, it appeared that this free Source Engine SDK was for Windows only. I searched about this on Google and a post in the Black Mesa Source (a free Half-Life 2 Mod for re-creating Half-Life 1 running on the Source Engine with updated graphics, physics, etc.) forum described it the best:

    So my question is - if some people working at Valve reading this forum and this post - is there any plan for releasing Source Engine SDK for Linux (and maybe Mac too!) in the near future?

    I noticed that the Team Fortress 2 Free-to-Play version is available already now for these 2 platforms on Steam. I would imagine the technical underpinning for the Source Engine SDK in these 2 platforms should be ready (if not completed). And I love to play Black Mesa Source and many other Source Engine mods on my Linux & Mac machines & re-living the Half-Life 1 nostalgia if that's not too much to ask....