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Valve Releases New Steam Figures For March

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    Originally posted by nightmarex View Post
    Yes he said it... Leave it alone don't feed the troll we have too many post in specifics placed to bring it in this thread... please please please ignore it.
    I am trying, but when comments like that are such complete and utter BS it is hard not. But I will leave it at that, for the sake of your sanity.

    Originally posted by duby229 View Post
    I've got a 6850 too and I couldnt be more happy with it. It plays everything I throw at it at my monitors resolution of 1680x1050. What more could you ask for really? A card that plays everything you throw at it at your monitors top resolution is kinda the point. r600g is a pretty good driver.
    Seconded, although I admit I am not playing Valve games as I am not on the Steam bandwagon. But my experience for other titles mostly mirrors yours, even with an older Diamond Radeon HD 4670 card (which has been an absolute pleasure to use).

    Originally posted by Dukenukemx View Post
    We also can't expect developers to take the time to port their old games over to Linux.
    Why? Valve is doing it.
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      I fully expected the numbers to be down, after that Tux rush.


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        Originally posted by IanS View Post
        My bad, I should of checked the math, rereading it I thought something seemed off. Seems I had everything shifted over 2 places in my haste. So sticking with the 10m example:
        - 0.01% = 1k
        - 0.001% = 100
        - upwards of 999 accounts don't get counted per distro
        - 0.005% from each of the 47 listed distros would = ~23.5k users or more unaccounted for

        Still a bit surprised no one else caught that before me. >.<

        I saw that your math was flawed. I just didn't care enough to correct you . Good that you realized though.


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          For More Customers

          May be Steam engine ported to Ubuntu Touch/ Mir on Nexus family ?


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            Originally posted by onicsis View Post
            May be Steam engine ported to Ubuntu Touch/ Mir on Nexus family ?
            Great idea, Valve could lock up all 3 of those users.


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              They need to port more games which have a great replay value, TF2 and CS(:S) are just not enough. Left 4 Dead 2 (at least to some extent) and especially DOTA 2 are the titles I really want to see.


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                Actually, I suspect the problem is that they keep breaking the client all the time on non-Ubuntu distros. I've had to fix up my install on Debian Wheezy a number of times since the client has been out of beta. Last week, I got the dreaded 'You are missing the following 32-bit libraries, and Steam may not run:' error after a Steam update, and frankly I can't be bothered fixing it again, knowing it'll be something else that needs fixing in another week or so. I'm just going to sit back and wait until Steam adds some official Debian support before I waste any more time on it.

                Oh, my install under Wine continues to work flawlessly. :/


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                  Originally posted by boltronics View Post

                  Oh, my install under Wine continues to work flawlessly. :/
                  I know right?


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                    In all honestly, the Pixel Art and Puzzle games aren't cutting it for me; And I have already played the Valve games years ago. I'll never go back to Windows, ever, even to play a Game but, we truly need some different types of games. We still have yet to see all those Kickstarter games start flooding in also, so we have that to wait for.

                    Somebody said something about Nvidia, in all honesty I never had any luck with Nvidia on Linux and have since started using an AMD 6670, which works flawlessly using the default proprietary driver provided by the 'Additional Drivers' in my Xubuntu system. The only thing is that Serious Sam 3 doesn't like those drivers and I will never manually update Video Card drivers again after the Hell I got last time. I think driver installs need serious attention, and it doesn't help anybody with Steam bugging users to upgrade them every time we open Steam, I imagine there have been a lot of new people burnt with that and I wish Valve would disable it.


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                      Originally posted by Mike Frett View Post
                      ...I will never manually update Video Card drivers again after the Hell I got last time. ...
                      I've had those issues a few years ago with the proprietary drivers, but recently they seem fine. I've been on the open source driver for a few years, but only just started using Catalyst again due to my new weaker GPU and Steam.

                      Basically all I do is download the AMD installer, and ALWAYS use the "generate distribution packages" option. I then install or upgrade the 3 packages it produces all in one shot at the CLI (using dpkg on Ubuntu). As long as I do it this way, it always works. It's also easy to remove with by doing an "apt-get purge fglrx* ". Give it a try, It's been OK for the last few releases now.