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Torque 3D Port To Linux Materializes

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  • Torque 3D Port To Linux Materializes

    Phoronix: Torque 3D Port To Linux Materializes

    Last year I wrote about the Torque 3D game engine wanting to come to Linux and they were attempting a crowd-sourced campaign to finance the port. The campaign was a flop, but a developer has been bringing the support anyways to Linux...

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    How was Frozen Synapse ported?
    Performance seams to still be an issue with this port.


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      Being one of those whom tried to get crowed fund the official linux port campaign, i've got to say that this is a really cool thing to see that someone is actually porting T3D to linux. I can only hope that port will include the editor.

      Anyway this is truly an awesome event happening.


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        How about all the people who put money towards the campaign (myself included) use a Flattr system or similar to get this guy some cash.


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          Awesome. Yes indeed, they should recollect the money and give it to Dusan.


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            Hi guys
            I want to share one more addition to whole Torque3D on Linux thingy

            Now I have semi-working OpenAL sound inside my fork of Torque 3D (there is still some work left to do)


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              One picture

              Torque 3D on VMWare

              This maybe is looking like something bad, but see in pastebin console.log that this is Torque3D working on Gallium 0.4 on SVGA3D; build: RELEASE, version 2.1 Mesa 9.0.2 provided by VMWare.


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                I would like to present working Sixense Razer Hydra for Torque3D on Linux

                provided better console.log

                I don't have device to do real testing, but I believe that its 100% working.

                This build is also with Bullet physics enabled. As you can see inside "% - Initializing Physics Tools" you don't have anymore "No physics plugin exists." like in my other builds and console.logs what I shared here.
                EDIT: As you can see inside pastebin link, there is "Bullet Physics parallel threads: [2]"
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                  This youtube video is showing Torque3D working on real Linux machine (not VMWare)

                  In this video, you can see OpenGL renderer with basic lighting, OpenAl sound system and World Editor.