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Unigine Demo Ported To Web Browser With Emscripten

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  • Unigine Demo Ported To Web Browser With Emscripten

    Phoronix: Unigine Demo Ported To Web Browser With Emscripten

    The Unigine Sanctuary/Crypt tech demo has been ported to run natively in modern web-browsers -- without any plug-ins -- through the use of Emscripten...

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    Unbelievable. Zero artifacts, smooth on a Intel IGP (HD 4000).


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      if someone could make a 3d api for javascript that easily translated to opengl or direct3d but was build to be easier to use and more conformant with javascript language, i really think this will be the future of computing, chrome oc, firefox os, android ios, regular linux or windows or mac or whatever you are using, browser based applications will only continue to become the defacto end user interfaces. its realy not all that bad of a thing to happen, although you would have thought something like java could have done it 15 years ago. but, i guess it wasnt possible with the way java was managed back then.


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        For a strange and unknown reason it?s actually working on my Intel Core i3 550 with Firefox 18. (But rather slow; about 1,5 fps in fullscreen.)


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          works great with r600g in window mode (no artifacts, smooth motion and ~10% cpu usage), but in fullscreen mode there's some stuttering from time to time


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            Qudaro FX 570M (nouveau) and T7500 @2.2GHz

            Pretty smooth (around 25fps at the lowest). Damned impressive.
            Now we know for sure that webgl won't go anywhere

            Forgotto mention. I was running in fullscreen mode @ 1920x1200.


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              Working fine also on r300g, about 2 fps on my RV530.


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                Note WebGL use OpenGL ES 2.0 and does not support OpenGL ES 3.0 or the full OpenGL.

                Also there been some security concerns about WebGL.
                Also, Internet Explorer does not support WebGL.


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                  This runs at a constant 60FPS in fullscreen here. It's VSynced so I guess it can actually run higher than 60, even though I've set my GPU (GTX 560 Ti) to a low power profile (I forced it to only run at 50% clock speeds.)

                  It is quite impressive to see this in a browser.


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                    Running this in Chrome OS (Samsung Series 3 ARM Chromebook) I just get some green and orange blobs floating in black space. I assume this isn't the intention?


                    All other WebGL demos I've tried work fine.
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