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Valve Celebrates Steam For Linux

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    Originally posted by vitiv View Post
    Goddamn it, Internet! I can stomach a lot of cum irl, I am a rod stewart fan and also suck a lot of cock, but seeing these half-erect cocks (either that or hopefully black dildos) even on phoronix makes me moist. I would seriously appeal this guy for his cock. That being said, let's proceed to add Pallidus to our to-suck lists.

    the joke was on you all I was just trolling, I couldn't give less of a shit about some stupid ass videogame for gay losers.

    I just found it extremely funny the hipocrisy of a bunch of "open source" and "freedom software" people throw away all their principles as soon as some corporation dangles a few games on their gay faces.

    Let me known how valve's cock tastes like coz you motherfuckers sure are gaggin on it...

    I wouldn't download steam it if it was for free, I wouldn't download it off piratebay and I certainly wouldn't pay 7€ for it

    AHAHAHHAHAHA what a bunch of losers paying 7€ for a FUCKING FREE MOD for a 14 year old game

    " but I gots to kill some terrorists"

    you people are so retarded I actually pity most of you.

    the real bitch here is canonical, who once again is about to get fucked in the ass and get ubuntu stolen

    how the fuck do they allow this shit is beyond me, first google steals ubuntu 10 changes some shit around and it's chrome os everybody..

    now valve will do the same with steam box
    Last edited by Pallidus; 15 February 2013, 11:45 AM. Reason: needs moar fail: vitiv's quote


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      Jeez, I tought all linux users were mature.
      I was so wrong.


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        Originally posted by Pallidus View Post
        Yeah I lol'd too as I added you to my ignore list.
        Originally posted by Pallidus
        the joke was on you all I was just trolling
        Hah! No, sorry, the joke was on you as everyone starts ignoring you on this forum. Thanks for making yourself obvious.
        Originally posted by necro-lover
        The only one true Freedom: Speak whatever you think and Act in the way you think is right.
        C'mon Q, you can do better then this! The other crazies are making you look bad! If you really acted the way you thought was right you'd agree that the best course of action against DRM is to stick to your principles and refuse to use the DRM'd software. Advocating copyright infringement just makes you look like a hypocrite when you support the GPL! What gives?


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          Originally posted by hxMarius View Post
          Jeez, I tought all linux users were mature.
          I was so wrong.
          Well, blanket statements and assumptions are usually a bad idea. For what it's worth, my ignore list has racked up a few more entries. When someone can't even properly spell their swear words, I take that as an indicator that I should probably cut off communication.


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            Originally posted by TemplarGR View Post
            You said the magic phrase: "Quality titles"

            I have pirated so many games.....<snip />

            The fair thing would be a try before you buy model, not with a demo, but the WHOLE GAME for 24 hours. The FULL version. Let the client appraise the quality of game and make his choice if he wants to support you or not. Let him judge if the price you ask is fair or not.

            I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that you may not know anyone else who has recently purchased some games on steam. If so, then would you like my guest passes to:
            Counter-Strike: Source
            Killing Floor
            Red Orchestra Ostfront 41-45

            Yeah, full versions that you get to try for free for a limited time to see if you want to buy them... Some more than 24 hours.

            If you seriously do not know that you can get that kind of offer on steam, then PM me and I'll send you the guest passes.

            You see, some of us actually support that kind of gaming model aswell. Steam may not be utopia, but it's a hell of a lot better then most alternatives.


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              Originally posted by BO$$ View Post
              You no longer die from HIV you idiot. And no closed source drivers are not the same with HIV nor cancer. Fucking zealot. Finally somebody turns he's attention to linux and you tell him to go fuck himself. You are the reason linux doesn't get off the ground. You and your fucking Stallman-like beliefs...
              Thank you, I agree 100%

              Who is to blame for teamfortress 2 not running (well ) on opensource drivers ?
              He should stay honest, it's not Valve fault.

              And there is another reason why I get fed up with this wining about open source.

              After a windows install, one of the first things I do, is install the drivers from nvidia or amd.
              I need them if I want to game.

              I do not use openSUSE because its opensource. That is a plus, but its not the reason to use it.

              Thank to Valve we finally are getting drivers that can compare to the ones on windows, that is far more important to me then anything else.

              Amd has suddenly a place to report problems. because of Valve and promised to Valve that they would listen.

              Then some people come here and tell Valve to go fuck themselves....

              Blaming a company that is investing allot of money for Linux.
              If they only wanted to make a console, they did not have to release steam for linux.


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                Pallidus achieved something special.

                On all the forums I visited, I never blocked anyone.
                he is the first.


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                  Originally posted by Pallidus View Post
                  The joys of living in buttfuck europe is that EVERYONE pirates and no one gives a shit. I know COMPANIES that work using pirated photoshops and autocads...
                  Yes, piracy is rampant here, but the software companies, *cough* microsoft *cough*, do not make it easy to cheaply manage your licenses.

                  Originally posted by Pallidus View Post
                  edit: btw explain this to me

                  HOW DOES A KID, or anyone really, who doesn't have a bank account ergo a visa or a mastercard, or who really doesn't want to own credit cards buy shit from steam???
                  Easy, "Daddy can you type in your credit card number?"


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                    Originally posted by pumrel View Post
                    I hope so too. I don't really care about DRM. I'm not gonna install the games on every computer I see, just on the one I will be playing on, so what's the matter. More important is to support this tentative, pay for the games and use steam. Valve won't support something that is not worth the effort and money the put in.
                    And you can install steam games on more then one pc. You can only start one at a time though.


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                      That's correct but you should disable the Steam Guard then, otherwise it is a bit annoying when you always needs a confirmation email.