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Valve Celebrates Steam For Linux

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  • talvik
    How just two fucking idiots manage to ruin the thread for everyone?
    Two pathetic lazy idiots. Stop pretending, just boot your pirated Windows and GTFO Phoronix.

    As for myself, I'll be enjoying the games(DRMed or not) I bought on my working proprietary drivers.

    Best news for desktop Linux in a long time!

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  • iniside
    Funny. I don't pirate music. I use Spotify. OH damn it's propertiary software. I don't give shit it is or it is not.

    Gods. I hope Valve don't read this forums, or they may actually take it seriously.

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  • hxMarius
    If you steal a god damn 10$ game you're no better than a windows user.
    Because Linux is free, that doesn't mean you have the right to get everything free, DRM and all that crap is just a pathetic excuse for people like you.
    Valve is the best thing that happend to Linux in the last 5 years, you better acknowledge that you pathethic excuse of a linux user.

    I really don't care that you use linux and support it, if you pirate a 5$ game, I have no respect for you.
    You don't deserve steam or better drivers.
    Have a nice day, and a nice life.
    Go rob a bank and blame DRM.

    I don't even no who's the user that said he want's to steal the games, so feel free to go fudge yourself who ever you are.
    Last edited by hxMarius; 15 February 2013, 05:35 AM.

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  • Pallidus
    Steam sucked from day one.

    The joys of living in buttfuck europe is that EVERYONE pirates and no one gives a shit. I know COMPANIES that work using pirated photoshops and autocads...

    piracy was rampant and will always be here.

    YOU PEOPLE MAKE ME FUCKING SICK... you wouldn't blink twice to download a mp3 or a lil movie but games or software OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH it's not fair

    FUCK YOU...

    Everyone around here was a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggggeeeeeeeeee pirate even before the days of fast internet I remember kids getting hard drives fedexed from the states filled with pirated shit from isonews.

    Fucking valve then started using this cdkey tactics.... then since it was easy to circumvent they want more and more DRM, now they require you to be online to play your games.

    fuck them.


    those people really need it not that fat neckbearded piece of shit who owns valve.

    I'm actually kinda of pissed, the only good thing about windows was the millions of pirated copies of software you could easily get ....

    since switching to linux I HAVENT PIRATED ANYTHING FOR YEARS :/


    edit: btw explain this to me

    HOW DOES A KID, or anyone really, who doesn't have a bank account ergo a visa or a mastercard, or who really doesn't want to own credit cards buy shit from steam???

    don't say paypal or shit because ITS THE SAME SHIT

    how about not wanting your personal information in some fucking american corporation?

    hack valve and you get millions of credit cards
    Last edited by Pallidus; 15 February 2013, 05:28 AM.

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  • smitty3268
    Originally posted by boltronics View Post
    I don't like that people are associating the views of these people with Stallman - very erroneously. Stallman wouldn't use proprietary software in the first place, so would never advocate infringing the copyright of these games.
    Stallman is actually very pro-copyright laws (but anti-patent and DRM, obviously). Think about it - if anyone can violate a proprietary copyright, then they can just as easily ignore the GPL, and his whole copyleft system is worthless.
    Last edited by smitty3268; 15 February 2013, 04:53 AM.

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  • smitty3268
    Originally posted by asdx
    So now wanting to do what I want with the data I pay for is stealing?
    Oh, so you plan on paying for the game before you download the crack from TPB? That's different, and I think almost everyone on here would support you then.

    No, of course not - you just want a free game and use DRM as an excuse. Either pay for the game, or don't play it. Don't try to pretend like you are taking some kind of moral stand by ripping them off - a moral stand would be saying, I don't want to support them so I refuse to play their game.

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  • boltronics
    As has been pointed out previously, there are actually only one or two very vocal people here that are against Valve and are pro "piracy" (I prefer the term copyright infringement). I very much doubt this is indicative of the majority of GNU/Linux users.

    I don't like that people are associating the views of these people with Stallman - very erroneously. Stallman wouldn't use proprietary software in the first place, so would never advocate infringing the copyright of these games. I personally agree with Stallman's views and apply many of them regularly (such as using the free software driver stacks where I can), but have not gone so far as to rid my systems of proprietary games - where I do try to honor the license agreements by paying for said games. Games are my weakness.

    Many of the Steam games do indeed work with free software drivers - all the games I've tried in fact (and I have tried quite a few). Even many Windows games under Wine using the free software drivers work fine.

    On another note, I wish Steam provided Wine integration for Windows games on GNU/Linux. There are many Windows AAA games that work perfectly under recent Wine releases and have no GNU/Linux ports. If Valve implemented this as some kind of unsupported beta option, many people could switch away from Windows right away. As it stands however, many people find Wine too much of a challenge to bother with, and most Steam users already have a collection of Windows-only games they would otherwise need to forfeit to make the transition - which will be a blocker for many people.

    I wouldn't be surprised to see Valve team up with CodeWeavers in the near future, or start contributing patches to Wine themselves.

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  • DDF420
    Originally posted by asdx
    There's actually a few, Amnesia and a few others.

    But I think those were available before Steam.

    Take a look here:

    I wonder if Steam Linux games will start appearing in torrent sites soon.
    So you want pirated games because you want DRM free games. Yet you wont buy a copy of DRM free dark decent.You dont have to get it through steam therefore no steamworks.
    Steam lets you know in either the game details or system requirements what 3rd party DRM will be installed. Valve encourages mods through the Sourcemod community and give you free dedicated servers to download.

    There are also numerous windows games that have DRM in retail form, but do not have said DRM on the Steam version. There are also games that once had DRM, but it has been removed from the game entirely when it was offered on steam.

    The stupid it burns
    Last edited by DDF420; 15 February 2013, 04:59 AM.

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  • iniside
    All I can Say. After reading this thread if I was game developer, I wouldn't develop any serious game for Linux.

    Linux users population is about 1% on desktop, and they want to pirate my games. What a waste of time it would be for developing game for them...

    Even then, they want from me to utilize partially working drivers, that at best can be used for some 10 years old games.

    Guys. Please tell me you are not serious.

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  • Luke_Wolf
    Originally posted by peppercats View Post
    Bought a ton of games, have only had time to play Trine 2 and CK2 so far.
    After reading this thread, maybe Ballmer was right about Linux users just not wanting to pay. Hope this kind of attitude doesn't make Valve rethink their decision about their new choice of gaming platform based on RMS zealots.
    Well there are pirates on all platforms, of all ideologies. That said I would say asdx and pallidus are in the minority even here on this issue, even among people who oppose DRM, and personally I'm finding what they're saying outright pathetic.

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