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Source Engine Garry's Mod Coming Soon To Linux

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  • Source Engine Garry's Mod Coming Soon To Linux

    Phoronix: Source Engine Garry's Mod Coming Soon To Linux

    While a lot of people are fretting today over a minor reduction in the head count at Valve Software (as I was quick to say yesterday on Twitter, I'm not worried), there is some good Valve-related Linux news to report. Garry's Mod, the sandbox physics game built atop Valve's Source Engine, will soon be released for Linux...

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    Hopefully Natural Selection 2 is next.


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      Awesome- this is the one I've been waiting for! I hope they bring the rest of the Orange Box bundle over, soon. But really, this is great news- I used to love wasting time in this game.


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        WTF!? This is sick man. It's 14. february, not 1. april


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          Natural selection 2 isn't based on the source engine. They made their own game engine from scratch. The original natural selection could be ported quickly, since it was a half life 1 mod.


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            I want to see Black Mesa Source. Not a official title but still


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              yet another Steam for Linux objection fail to deliver.
              • Steam for Linux can run on multiple distros (albeit still not officially)
              • Steam for Linux use OpenGL and that do not mean any magical performance disadvantage
              • Steam for Linux is priority for Valve, and they do not try to earn on that transition (SteamPlay on each of their titles), so they want to stay on Linux for long
              • Steam for Linux cause improvement in Linux stack (gpu drivers, toolkits (SDL 2.0!!), etc.)
              • Steam for Linux will end up in porting of whole Valve portfolio that is still played

              Good news all the time


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                I hope they do port all of the original HL1 and HL2 mods.

                The one I have in mind is Day of Defeat (and Day of Defeat : Source) !

                Thanks Valve for all the work!


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                  +1000 to fix gamma correction
                  +100 for NS2
                  +80 for portal2/1
                  +50 for HL1 mods
                  +30 for HL2
                  +10 for L4D2


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                    Looks like there's some more stuff marked as in staging

                    Not sure if anyone's pointed this out before :


                    I'm hoping the last means that HL2 might turn up sometime soon (not to mention L4D2 ...)