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    Originally posted by Feared View Post
    Nearly all Unreal Engine 3 games use flash for their hud. MOST AAA games recently use flash for their hud/menu's via some framework/library I can't think of right now however it's widely used. Rage, Dead Space, Bulletstorm, Crysis 2, and many more games use Flash for their hud/menu's. Flash gives the artist more control over their gui/hud. More 3d effects, shadows, etc. 'Flash' has been a very popular choice for gui's and menu's for a long time now.
    Skyrim is another AAA-title that relies on some version of Scaleform/Flash.


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      well... I did not know that.

      It makes sense for artists to use Flash editor, and it looks like Autodesk Scaleform is it's own implementation of Flash Renderer (supporting 10.1 and AS2/3), so as long as it supports OpenGL then portability shouldn't really be a problem. I would have thought most AAA game UIs where made in Max/Maya/etc, but It's true many 2D effects are easier to create with masks and gradient tools (plus you have ActionScript). Still.. there's nothing stopping anyone from making a great UI in Blender on Linux for future games :-) and it doesn't look like Scaleform would/should be a big reason not to port major games to Linux (as far as I can tell)... depending on how fancy Scaleform's getting with it's ActionScript VM...


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        Looks like I should have done a bit more research before posting. Autodesk Scaleform already supports Linux right now, check out the integration page (

        Which is great. It means this shouldn't be a reason CS:GO wouldn't be ported. Very exciting, I'm really hoping CS:GO does get ported, it and Skyrim are my favorite games.